31 Records Refresh


It’s been in the works for a little while now, but I’m pleased to say I got a new housebag sleeve for Doc Scott’s 31 Records signed off today!

It was nice to work with a label from which I own a few releases from my record-collecting days. The 31 Records identity hadn’t seen a refresh pretty much since it started back in 1995, so it was extra-satisfying to bring it into the future!

The artwork isn’t so meaningless- if you pay close attention, there are actually 31 of every point in the pattern!

I’ve also attached another idea I had, that I think was a bit jazzy for the label, but I’m rather fond of nonetheless, so there you go! It’s pretty literal, but I like it!

An artist called Ricky

So Little Log’s album is on the streets in all formats now and the Hospital hype machine is in full effect. He’s doing interviews here, there and everywhere, including the now not so magazine-like Knowledge Magazine, in its new online format. It was quite nice to see my artwork get a little mention:

The cover alone makes the vinyl edition worth buying with Logistics confessing a love for pop art that has been passed down from his Dad. Hospital commissioned an artist called Ricky to paint a canvas for the cover, with Logistics settling on the album’s title in hope of something reminiscent of the old Batman, comic book-style onomatopoeic speech bubbles.

“It’s a bit more playful which I like. Everything’s so serious these days. I think I might ask for it one day when I’m old and retired. There are a couple of things, like for the first album they made a big LED kind of thing, which I’d still like to get. The two of them together would be quite a nice thing to have. Maybe I’ll have to buy them back!?”

Starts well, I’m glad the writer thinks the cover is worth owning alone, but then Hospital commissioned an artist called Ricky – could that be more vague!?

Something creative every day

So after a series of random little bits of nonsense in a short period of time, I have decided to try and post something creative I’ve made every day, for… well, until I get fed up, I guess. It’s not gonna be worth doing unless I do it for a long period of time, but I figured I would give it a go anyway.

The thing is, I’m already cheating by a) not uploading something on every day and b) spreading some things across days to cover days when I haven’t been committing. Oh well. maybe just a photo of a post-it note every day would be more appropriate, but I think I do cool stuff outside of those little three-inch squares sometimes!

Anyway, here’s the first week of effort. I’m posting it all on Flickr if you want to keep up to date with it, though I might try to make weekly roundups.

Crash Bang Wallop – Process


Music-making man-machine Logistics’ third album (well, fourth if you count a digital-only album) Crash Bang Wallop! is hitting stores, shelves and record players worldwide next month, so as this blog is now somewhat alive again, here is a little bit about the process of creating this album’s arwork.

This project started in typically late-notice fashion (ah, my topsy-turvy relationship with underground music), as while the project was mentioned several weeks prior, there wasn’t a title until mid-July. This meant a fast schedule, and the project came a long way in a short time.

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Shelves stopmotion idea

Here’s a little stopmotion animation idea I came up with last week. I probably could’ve done with making the clip a lot longer than 10 seconds, but it’s only an idea that could be used somewhere else in the future, and it took long enough as it was! Thus is the nature of stopmotion though I suppose!

Note: unlike my other stopmotion experiments, this one has sound on it (which is kind of the point). In case you wanted to know, the track is the classic Ram Records wobbler ‘Turbulence’ by Moving Fusion.

Life in numbers

Hello internet world!

It came to my surprise that despite the depreciation of my blog, people did like to read it! It’s not so much that I’ve had requests to bring it back, but people occasionally comment on stuff they read on it, despite the content being years old. For that reason, I have taken the effort to migrate all my badly hand-coded stuff to this wonderful new WordPress blog, so here we are a year and a half later.

Life goes on without weblogs though, and since I last posted, I have:

  • Clocked up 115gb of work
  • for at least 21 different clients,
  • Had 41 physical vinyl singles, and
  • 13 albums released with my artwork on the cover,
  • Created 12 fully functioning websites,
  • taken over 20,000 photos,
  • Upgraded both of my Macs,
  • Flown across the atlantic another two times,
  • Helped import Lilly to the UK,
  • and Started my own home

Amongst other things.

So greetings from my nice new weblog. I haven’t decided if I’ll use this seriously yet, but one thing that is for sure is if I do, it will be a lot easier to update than it used to be!

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