Hello, internet world! As usual, it has been aeons since I wrote anything here. I’m quite sure I have a reasonable amount of stuff to write about to show for my time between writing here. so let’s see what we have!


moustillMouse Stopmotion

I’ve been having rather a lot of fun with my Nikon, as you may have been noticing if you follow my Flickr, as heaven knows it gets updated a lot more than this. Although I don’t think I’m taking anything particularly exciting, I’m enjoying hiding behind a nice big peice of glass wherever I go. Anyway, that’s mild digression. Following a bit of inspiration from the Lilliship, I have found myself dabbling in stopmotion animation, which I’ve put some of the fruits of up on YouTube– They’re only a few seconds long but I’m rather fond of them, so check them out!

Black and Red

icarusSyncopix – Icarus
rcpLogistics – Reality Checkpoint

Like the first felt tip markers in the pack to run out on you as a child, the past three album covers I have made have all ended up mostly black with red detailing, by some freak coincidence. This includes the long-coming Icarus album cover. When Syncopix told me he was calling his album Icarus, I decided to take the title semi-literally for the art and ended up sculpting a pair of wings, casting them out of wax and melting them back down again for the cover imagery, photographing it all along the way.

John B - Mr. FreudJohn B – Mr. Freud

There are smatterings of new works throughout the portfolio for those who are looking for a new reason to shower me with money and to entertain you Trickartt-stalkers out there, in various sections. A couple worth talking about are the sleeve for John B’s new single, ‘Mr. Freud’, and the Sausage Bracelet. Mr. Freud appears to be a runaway popular sleeve, and despite my apprehensions when I made it, it turned out rather nicely. I was worried it was going to be a bit too much like a cheap blue monday, but it ended up holding itself up. When I received the finished copies, it made me feel like I was holding a giant floppy disc, which in my eyes qualifies it a success. The sausage bracelet was a valentine’s gift for Lilly (aren’t I sweet?), modelled on her sausage dog, hand-sculpted by me. It’s not perfect, but i don’t think anything I make by hand is.

As usual, there are other random bits forthcoming that I’m not really in a position to talk up, as well as a whole world of incertainty. I guess if you’re interested, you’ll find out whenever the time is appropriate. So that’ll do for now!

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