On the packaging of cigarettes

I happened upon the Graphic Design outfit Build‘s blog this morning, where I discovered their post from earlier this month about de-branding cigarette packages. If you’re gonna read my post, it might be worth giving theirs a look first.

This is a government proposal I actually agree with, so I was a little disappointed to see the point in the proposal was a bit overlooked. I was going to suggest Build missed the point, but perhaps it was Icon magazine who missed it, as they set the brief; ‘could [cigarettes] still look good while warning smokers?’.

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FOOD; cooking and eating in and out of Austin

When one goes on holiday, they are prone to being asked what they got up to when they get back. It’s a fair enough question, but I like to go on holiday to relax, so doing nothing doesn’t make for interesting conversation. I realised, though, what we did do while away was a fair amount of cooking and eating- both in and out of home, and even in and out of Austin, and with that came some interesting visual stuff out of me.

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Something Creative to end up 2010

Here are my last four weeks of daily creativities to end 2010, leading all the way up to January 1st, 2011. Most of this junk is consumed by pictures of American life and drawings of its buildings, but there is some other good stuff from the past month too- I am particularly proud of my response to the student protests from early December. I only have a few more days left here in the States this year, so maybe next month will be less obsessed with the US postal system!

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