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Life in numbers

Hello internet world!

It came to my surprise that despite the depreciation of my blog, people did like to read it! It’s not so much that I’ve had requests to bring it back, but people occasionally comment on stuff they read on it, despite the content being years old. For that reason, I have taken the effort to migrate all my badly hand-coded stuff to this wonderful new WordPress blog, so here we are a year and a half later.

Life goes on without weblogs though, and since I last posted, I have:

  • Clocked up 115gb of work
  • for at least 21 different clients,
  • Had 41 physical vinyl singles, and
  • 13 albums released with my artwork on the cover,
  • Created 12 fully functioning websites,
  • taken over 20,000 photos,
  • Upgraded both of my Macs,
  • Flown across the atlantic another two times,
  • Helped import Lilly to the UK,
  • and Started my own home

Amongst other things.

So greetings from my nice new weblog. I haven’t decided if I’ll use this seriously yet, but one thing that is for sure is if I do, it will be a lot easier to update than it used to be!

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