Longest SCED Month Ever

TumblerinaLe Tour De L'HôpitalInnovatorCoin-opTiny ArmadaFinderThe Scale of ThingsGo To Work On An EggSkye TerrierWhat Makes MauriceClaudeCharmerSomething new for something oldTrashbot JuniorThe Great SCED WashoutScheidegger Princess-MaticHospital Bike ClubStrudel CanoeDistracting Saint JeromeMakeshift Romper SuitHam In A SuitcaseA Tomato Plant with LegsSliceFox NewsNyan AirTerenceRenault & PainRoueoueueouuouen

Hey Internet people! Here is my latest month’s worth of daily creativities. Due to the great Flickr washout, it has taken me more than two months to do 28 days of creativity, but I’m reasonably back on track now!

There are some fun things here too; my personal favourites in this batch are What Makes Maurice and Trashbot Junior; maintaining my standards of occasionally-genius visual nonsense!

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