Fearing Not

Matt Logistics’ fourth studio album ‘Fear Not’ is out this week, and once again, I have had the pleasure of doing the artwork for the project!

I love working on Logistics albums as I so often get the opportunity to go the extra mile with my artwork – starting from his debut in 2006 where I soldered together 750 lights into the album cover to 2009’s Crash, Bang, Wallop, which I hand-painted a canvas for, Fear Not has become a multimedia art project involving sleeves, stickers, animations, videos, hand-painted T-shirts and even Rubik’s Cubes. Continue reading “Fearing Not”

March SCED Roundup

Finally! It’s time for another month of SCED to be rounded up, covering the month of March and a tiny bit of April! This month is full of all kinds of silly drawings, washing machines and robots. My highlight of the month was finishing off Speakerbot, giving him a retrocomputing style flashing light panel and a new coat of paint. I’ve also started to finally get my head around drawing on the iPad – hopefully these drawings will start to become interesting soon!

In other SCED news, as you might have noticed from the addition to the menu on the right, I have began porting my daily creativities over to Tumblr. I think I’ve found a nice audience here – I seem to be getting more likes and favourites here than I am on Flickr, which is awesome, so hello to all of my new Tumblr followers! I hope you enjoy the little window into my brain this project provides 🙂

After the fold are all the old direct links, for posterity’s sake. Continue reading “March SCED Roundup”

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