SCED Roundup, February 2012

Vladimir ComputinCardboard CogitationHusky RadioCardboard Mail TruckGiorgioRoyal FamilyWalnutMoon in the ManWyndham HouseBefore TelevisionVikingMoon Rock CatcherSpace SaladBig BiscuitLandsnakeTry The BeefTrophy101Seasonal SucculentShe Bear is DrunkShe BearSpeakerbotAnnoyThursbyBotpointRossoBroccoloidInert Dessert

It’s roundup time, folks, and although I have been a little late on posting a couple of days of creativity, this is the first time in a long while I have done something to count for every day in a consecutive 28-day period! Right On!

The month started with a lot of robots – I found myself thinking about the complete lack of consistency in my SCED project, so I drew robots all week. These robots spawned one of the highlights of the month for me – tiny little Speakerbot, who not only was fun to make but has made a small improvement to my home too!

Although Speakerbot is probably my highlight, there is some other good (and not-so-good) stuff here elsewhere in the month too! For example, I’m oddly pleased with the Landsnake, though I remain somewhat baffled by the politically angry comment somebody left on it last week. Not at all what I was thinking, but well done to them for exercising their imagination!

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