June SCED Excitement

Well, another month has passed since my last Something Creative Every Day roundup, and sadly that also means a month has passed since my last blog post. I guess I haven’t been doing anything exciting enough to warrant a whole blog post outside of these daily nuggets of creativity:

There are plenty of good ideas here- I am particularly pleased with my USB Onion and think the Runaway could have legs. It was nice to paint a couple more T-shirts this month too, particularly as the weather seems to have nicened up a bit!

Also, while I’m writing here, Last month’s Paper iPhone TV Set got some attention on the wider internets: Most of the traffic came from Gizmodo, which pleasantly puzzled me considering I only sent a link to Engadget and Giz posted their story first? [In the unlikely event that someone from Gizmodo is reading this, I’d love to know how you managed that?]. It also made it to a whole host of other european tech/gadget news websites too, so thanks to all for linking!

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