i know it’s been a long time since an update, but i’ve had a hectic winter with all sorts of stuff going on, so when it comes to writing something here i have to really want to do it, as it’s all html-based. so if there’s any developers out there that might like to build me a nice php backend for my blog out of the goodness of their hearts, mail me, or just save this page and get to work and surprise me when it’s done.. cos this is all there is to my blog. just one html document. ghetto, huh?

so yeah. chrimbo treated me well, but i’ll spare you the details. been getting all sorts of stuff done lately, as you can see in my portfolio.. including proper work and even more stupid illustrations cos i know you love all that wierd stuff. but the biggest thing i’ve done recently is:<

The Grooverider Sound Board!

I don’t think this needs much explanation. i’ve totaly lost my chain of thought too so this is an abrupt ending.

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