Out with the old, in with the new

Avast, Trickartt v3.0! Ahoy v3.1!

New Look Site


Today, I uploaded version 3.1 of the good ship trickartt! The site works in pretty much the same way as it did before, but has had a makeover. To be honest, I was never entirely happy with v3.0 from an aesthetic point of view, as I probably moaned about on here. However, a couple of weeks ago I came up with a new idea for the design while working on something completely unrelated. It all came together relatively easily, but took a lot of work to bring it all together.



As you can tell, the blog section is yet to be updated to match, but it is on the cards. i just need to work out how best to make it work for the more conventional vertically-scrolling format. There’s even an outside chance I’ll take it as an opportunity to upgrade to some proper blogging software, but that all depends on how ambitious i’m feeling when I come to doing it.


As I previously mentioned, I’ve actually put up a page advertising the Prints I made this summer. Foolishly, I put them into storage a few days before I found the motivation to make the page, so some photos of the actual prints will be added to the page at some nearby future point.

If you are interested in buying one, please don’t hesitate to email me and talk turkey! If these sell reasonably, I have told myself to invest some of the profits back into getting some tshirts (and potentially other nice printed things such as postcards and wrapping paper) and start the fabled boutique.


Lastly for the evening, here is something I worked on but doesn’t have a rightful place on my portfolio. I recently helped work on High Contrast’s new album ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’. I didn’t do the artwork, but I did get a rather nice new credit on the sleeve:

Production and Layout! If anyone wonders what that actually means, the simplest explanation is High Contrast said what he wanted, Chris said how to do it, Dave did it and I made it fully functional. haha. It was quite a project!

Well I hope you all like the new look of (the rest of) the site! I feel it’s a lot more me, and rather more unconventional!

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