From the desk of Ricky of Trickart

i should make some office stationary with that on the header, 1980s executive style..

anyhoo, been a while since the last update, been a bit busy / preoccupied. the title of this comes because both the things i’m posting here loosely revolve around my desk

firstly, i got a new screen, so i’m running the dualscreen business. done a new background, which i’m illustrating here with this photo as well as showing off my new second screen (i’m having a real hard time keeping attention to what i’m typing here, mind is going a mile a minuite). ah that’s right, gone for a totally different style with teh wallpaper this month, might get bored and do a nice girl tho. we’ll see. you can download it from the page you get from clicking ‘wallpapers’ in the header to my blog here.


next on the desk thing is a mighty drawing i did of my desk, simple vector style, illustrating the mess. this was pre-dualscreen tho. click it for a biiiig version.


i really can’t remember what else i was gonna write about so i may as well finish this here.

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