XHTML and Cupcakes

Urg. My newsblog keeps expanding across many pages cos i’m learning new code stuff, and i’m too lazy to update it all. i’ve just brought this page up to XHTML 1.0 standards, and you can click the little thing at the bottom of the right hand corner for proof. <br /> it’s a doddle really, just about being a tiny bit stricter with my coding. boh!<br /> it’s all part of a bigger picture tho, i’m aiming at taking my hand to PHP now, so hopefully eventually this site will all be easy for me to update, and easier for you to use! wooo!

Anyhoo, i did this last week, before i went to party it up at heaven…


it’s a happy cupcake! it seemed quite popular. i’ve been thinking about doing the tshirt thing properly again lately, but that’s all i’ll say. thinking. cos there’s nothing more to it. one thing at a time, ricky.

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