A few more new things



I’ve realised my weblog was becoming exactly what I didn’t want it to lately- the lazy man’s way of showing new work. So I have decided to remedy that and have updated a load of junk on the portfolio, so if you want to see some new pictures, go dig around there, particularly in the Hospital Records section.

Anyway. On with the interesting stuff.

Finally some new Wallpapers!

Yes! I hear your cries of bewilderment! You can download them from the Wallpapers section, as ever.

On a creative randomnity tip, here are a couple of strange things.


The Lilly and I baked this loaf of bread the other day and much to her dismay, I had some googly eyes to hand, ready to turn the loaf into a breadmonster!


Now on his fourth protoype, the cuddly Purple Dude is starting to make sense. I’m experimenting with different fabrics and different kinds of stitching and the like, but he’s coming on famously!

And with that, I bid you Adeau!

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