The Daily Creativities of April

MaxThe Raw And The CookedUnicorn FlakesE-BayGosling SeasonFire BallotRuislip Fire StationDomestimatic 2032BloomTube SocksTiBot G4How My Mind Feels LatelyTest Card RToothpasteBrown Bread RearingChicanoMelting ChocolateLens CapNaval OrangeCharles Edward WurmSpace Lizard IIMashRhondaRubisticsDuck MoousseWet NumbersHot Cross BunnyNetsky Live!

Hello Internetters and welcome to another four-weekly roundup of my Something Creative Every Day project! This month has felt like hard work, but it has proven to be worth it as there are some nice ideas to have leaked out of my mind over the past few weeks. I’m particularly pleased with a couple of stopmotion experiments – the Melting Chocolate was a little pointless but somehow turned out exactly as I had envisioned it, and The Raw and The Cooked pleased me immensely, but then I don’t think there are many people out there who share my two fascinations with how microwaves and televisions once looked the same and how roast chickens are always used as generic foodstuffs to cook in a microwave.

Aside from the animations, I also really like two pictures I drew this month: Rhonda the diplodocus is the best drawing I have done on an iPad to date, and I can’t really explain why, but Domestimatic 2032 really pleases me too. It can’t just be because it has a washing machine in it – so much of my work does anyway – but I do like it!

And don’t forget, if you’re big into Tumblr, then you can now follow Something Creative Every Day on Tumblr too!

Longest SCED Month Ever

TumblerinaLe Tour De L'HôpitalInnovatorCoin-opTiny ArmadaFinderThe Scale of ThingsGo To Work On An EggSkye TerrierWhat Makes MauriceClaudeCharmerSomething new for something oldTrashbot JuniorThe Great SCED WashoutScheidegger Princess-MaticHospital Bike ClubStrudel CanoeDistracting Saint JeromeMakeshift Romper SuitHam In A SuitcaseA Tomato Plant with LegsSliceFox NewsNyan AirTerenceRenault & PainRoueoueueouuouen

Hey Internet people! Here is my latest month’s worth of daily creativities. Due to the great Flickr washout, it has taken me more than two months to do 28 days of creativity, but I’m reasonably back on track now!

There are some fun things here too; my personal favourites in this batch are What Makes Maurice and Trashbot Junior; maintaining my standards of occasionally-genius visual nonsense!

The Great SCED Washout

Last month I encountered a bug that wiped the past year of my Something Creative Every Day project off the face of the internet.

It didn’t take very long to work out what had happened. I had upgraded to a newer version of Apple’s Aperture than I had previously been working with, and the newer one brought built-in Flickr integration, which long story short, ate the entire set I had on Flickr.

What happened was a classic synchronisation nightmare – it synchronised, but the wrong way around. Aperture chose its empty version as ‘the Truth’ and deleted everything that was already in the Flickr set; it didn’t just remove existing items from set but totally erased them from existence.

Aargh! As soon as I discovered the data loss, I got in touch with both Apple and Flickr. Much to my surprise, I got a reply from Apple within hours, apologising and asking for more information to nail down the bug. It took Flickr almost three days to reply to my message, in which they completely misunderstood the situation. In all, it took two and a half weeks of ridiculously slow responses, having my support case closed on me, and writing to Flickr’s product manager, to get Flickr to tell me they can’t do anything to restore my stuff and that it’s Apple’s fault.

Which brings me to where I am today.

I managed to glean most of my descriptions from Google’s caches before they disappeared off the face of the earth, but some were already gone from the cache. I am left having to manually find more than 300 images and restore them back to my Flickr account, and in doing so, I will have lost everybody’s comments and favourites, my tags on all of my images, all the pools and sets the images had been shared with, and crucially, all of the links will be different. So if anything has gone beyond Flickr, it’ll be dead now too.

It’s gonna take me a while to work through everything and reinstate it all. I have made a start though – today I restored this month of missing images, which includes my inventory of everything on my desk; one of the most popular images from my SCED project so far.

When the restoration project is complete, normal SCED service will resume. Wish me luck!

Something Creative for the past month and a bit

The Adventures of Big BonoAmigosHotBarking MadBurroMarriage CarriageBanoffee BirthdayIt's A Good FrisbeeA Prawn in an ApronFlipbookWormsPeafSea LionCreating About The WeatherTreadtillWhite PowerPlushuttleOrbiter VehicleParcel HorseMister BigshirtHerculeShe's Low CloudsErnoatWoman With Hooves on the Bakerloo LinePie DetectorPrincess-maticShake-n-eggConfused Patriotism

It feels like a lot longer than it has actually been since my last monthly roundup of daily creativities. I guess this is a good thing, as it means I have missed less days than I felt like I had over the past month. A better month in hindsight than it felt like at the time – my favourites include the Amigos and Treadtill, reminding myself I can kinda draw, and of course the Plush Space Shuttle was amazing too, just in time for its final voyage. I’m still sad that NASA wouldn’t retweet it though.

Something Creative through June to July

BobbyWashing Machine SubmarineShopperEsca-peasAtillaButchariumEnvelopingAnatomy of a beastBryanSteve and RayCarrotsRoasterBirdlinerAnother idea for a thankyou cardA drawing of how my arms feel after this weekendDog NestLast CardMacassetteCecil's RideHowdy HowdySubourbon biscuits¡Muchas Gracias!Operation InkjarMe and my FridgeSloth BrandC-M-Y-Yay!Hi How Are You?Hello!

It’s taken a little longer than usual for this monthly roundup of creativities. In the past month I set to work on my webshop, which took a lot more time and energy than I was intending – so much so that I ended up having to take a week off from SCED to pull it all together. The shop is live now, and you can read about it in the previous two posts here on Notes. Cool!

So with the shop whirring away, I am back onto the dailies, and here are the most recent 28 of them following my last monthly roundup! It’s been another happy month in my brain as I’ve come up with some ideas I’m pretty proud of. Anatomy of a beast and the Subourbon biscuits are probably the two strongest, but I also like Cecil’s ride and the previously blogged Me and my fridge a lot too.

Let’s hope the next month will be just as funtimes too!

Something Creative Every May

Hello down there!FrankenmacPolice CarsFor want of a sound recording copyright symbolRobot riding a Fire EngineA brighter day for RyanAn Excitable SideboardSea PretzelAmerican Candy BarRonPowerful ButtonsHaven't Done Nothin'TagsTigreA Running BathMeat in your EyesParking WardensInternet Shopping Wheel of FortunaPMNot So MiniReturn of the PinboardBeing BotheredPaper ShuttleHe Is BopPinboardWeddings not WarfareSec-GenRural

I feel a lot happier about my SCED project this month. Sure, there have been some less exciting bits over the past four weeks, but there have also been some sturdy ideas, and – shock – even some good executions of ideas too! I think the aforeblogged public greeting (which has so far survived its first 24 hours in the wild!) was a great idea, and if I have to pick favourites, it is probably a toss-up between this post-it dodecatych (did I invent a word there?) or the cryptic police cars.

Greatest Hits

On a mostly-related note, I have started a new SCED set on Flickr, Something Creative Every Day’s Greatest Hits. I realised that well over 500 daily creativities of varying amusement was a bit sprawling, so this set is serving to gather all of my favourite things from the project into one place. Cool!

Something Creative Every Day, February 2011

Sergei FunnelsworthDisambiguationRicky's Ridiculous Revoked RV Roadtrip RollercoasterWords and PicturesGarage LustShe RainsRobocallHalf-Term ChiLaundry TapeJohn & FredT. Wellington NarwhalCash Wesson 2024FeelersThe White Goods ComethRickens McTrickartt's handy guide to promotional considerations which may not be furnished on public service broadcasters in the United Kingdom of Great BritainFacts About ErnoNew Blood, BludBonus BallPetrol CastleDog FoodShocking DeviceMuntjacNew Website! Alright!China Miéville's KrakenTrickartt Showreel 2011Will I Work on Your Project?A Carburetor tied to The MoonHippo-Washing Day

Happy March, internetters! As we are almost a week into this month, February is well and truly over and now it’s time for another SCED project roundup. I always feel a bit bad when there aren’t other posts between these roundups on the blog, but I was a little bit late with posting last month’s roundup.

So the biggest thing in the past month in my creative world was the revamp my website underwent, although that’s already posted about here. I hope you have been admiring that whether you are a new visitor or old, but I’ll leave that to you!

The first daily creativities of 2011

New Post-it BookGambian Peanut CakeNew SCED Title CardTV RepairsThinking OreosLucyBury MeadowsSad RobotPower UpFresh ProduceRiderBroccoloverDebranding CigarettesCocobaraGerman Bacon SnowflakesThree KingsA picture to describe my drive across the metropolis this morningCoolpix Camera CaseRegal Ring CakeCiao!sSour Cream Chicken EnchiladasPassport CoverRubber RingEggsLounge SuitPastasChicken Shop$5 Well Spent

And here are the (slightly late) first four weeks of daily creativities for 2011. This covers my last few days in Texas, a couple of days off while we travelled home, and what I got up to while getting back into the groove of work. A lot of food-related creativities, by the looks of things!

It’s been a robust month of creative nonsense though- my favourites are the Rider, camera case, and drawing of sour cream chicken enchiladas 🙂

Something Creative to end up 2010

Peace On EarthFly By WireFood MartBrr!Convenience Coin LaundryA Review of the T-Mobile Nokia 2720Festive Greetings!RappingCroissantsNightlineMAIL TRUCK !!!CatpostGot MailHello BoysHind Maurice!Drivers License OfficeStorkingAttack of the Desk-ChairsHorse ForceCambridge Audioh!Sugar & CaineStealth BombaNo Disrespect to Boris AwardChristmas Cards in progressJettison CocoonArchiteuthis PapyrusSewing CarrotsReindeer Advent Calendar

Here are my last four weeks of daily creativities to end 2010, leading all the way up to January 1st, 2011. Most of this junk is consumed by pictures of American life and drawings of its buildings, but there is some other good stuff from the past month too- I am particularly proud of my response to the student protests from early December. I only have a few more days left here in the States this year, so maybe next month will be less obsessed with the US postal system!

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