U Gotta B Crazy Button

I made this little (or maybe not that little) ‘U Gotta B Crazy’ button today, to help drive a bit of interest in London Elektricity’s new Remixes!! album. Who can resist hitting a big red button like that?! It’s ridiculously simple, but the nice thing about it is it uses HTML5 for browsers that support it (AKA Safari and Chrome), and falls back to Flash for browsers that don’t support HTML5 in the same way (damn you, mozilla hippies!).

I’m told it also works on iOS too, but I can’t really confirm that – the old iPhone I have here is still on iOS 3.x, where it doesn’t seem to work quite as well as I would’ve liked.

Feel compelled to put it on your site?

Sure! Here’s the embed code:

U Gotta B Crazy!!

Something Creative through June to July

BobbyWashing Machine SubmarineShopperEsca-peasAtillaButchariumEnvelopingAnatomy of a beastBryanSteve and RayCarrotsRoasterBirdlinerAnother idea for a thankyou cardA drawing of how my arms feel after this weekendDog NestLast CardMacassetteCecil's RideHowdy HowdySubourbon biscuits¡Muchas Gracias!Operation InkjarMe and my FridgeSloth BrandC-M-Y-Yay!Hi How Are You?Hello!

It’s taken a little longer than usual for this monthly roundup of creativities. In the past month I set to work on my webshop, which took a lot more time and energy than I was intending – so much so that I ended up having to take a week off from SCED to pull it all together. The shop is live now, and you can read about it in the previous two posts here on Notes. Cool!

So with the shop whirring away, I am back onto the dailies, and here are the most recent 28 of them following my last monthly roundup! It’s been another happy month in my brain as I’ve come up with some ideas I’m pretty proud of. Anatomy of a beast and the Subourbon biscuits are probably the two strongest, but I also like Cecil’s ride and the previously blogged Me and my fridge a lot too.

Let’s hope the next month will be just as funtimes too!

Trickartt Shop: Letterpressed Cards

I have opened a tiny webshop! As well as selling some old large-format prints, the main reason I set up this shop is to sell some letterpressed greeting cards I have been working on for the past few months.

And finally, my first collection of three designs is ready:

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Trickartt Shop: Canvas and Poster Prints

Back in the summer of 2007, I was fortunate enough to be in temporary possession of a really neat big ol’ Epson wide format inkjet printer. I had it for a few weeks, and along with it, I had half a roll of 300gsm 100% pure cotton canvas and half a roll of 150gsm smooth fine art paper. It was awesome.

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