Bacon Fishsticks

just a short update today; i painted my brother’s ps2 last night. squid! it looks pretty crap in photo tho.


got my vespa back as well, it looks like new! but cos it does it’s not worth posting a photo of it. lastly, here is a picture of me djing at hospitality;


this phot was by Andrew J. Attah, you can look at his portfolio here. lots of good photographers about lately! also you can look at full visual coverage of the event on doa gallery, big ups to dimi and xo for their photos there!

oh this entry is called bacon fishsticks cos that’s what my desk says.


is tonight, and i have the longest set of the night! *makes rude faces to all the other djs even tho they’re better than me*


i painted a trickartt logo on my new hospital boxbag for the night


and while i was at it, painted a purple dude tshirt.


a couple weeks later, i painted a porkchop feet tshirt, to wear to hospitality tonight.


other new work includes labels for m*a*s*h, hospital’s sister label!


and although i don’t have much to show for it, i’m still very busy! hopefully all will calm down next week when hospitality is done! oh and my vespa is booked in for repair next week, insurance finally coughed up!

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