Something Creative for the better part of October and November

Hey, look at that! It’s taken me a lot longer than it should, but I have finally clocked up another four weeks of daily creativities! I ended up having to take about a week off from the project to work on something bigger and more exciting, details of which should emerge very soon!

There are a couple of great things this month; my favourite by far is the chickens I drew, closely followed by the slightly brutal Yuh Wan’ Pork?, but there some other nice things in there too!

I’ve got less than a month until my annual transatlantic trip now, but hopefully that won’t cause too much of a delay before my next roundup. What I’m more worried about is all the work I have to finish before I leave!!

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Skulls, Spaceships and Playmobil

Tom Chambers is a man with a camera. He’s been taking some great photos and videos for Hospital for a little bit now, and became a resident documenter for Hospitality while at uni in Brighton. His videos for us have been smashing it, like this video from Hospitality at Lovebox Festival this summer, doing a great job of capturing the atmosphere of our parties.

For his final project at University, he made a documentary about Hospital! I was very honoured when he asked me to be a part of it; he even missioned it on public transport all the way out to Rickmansworth to come and see me. I guess it was worth his time though, as he used a lot of footage from our chat in the end result – somehow I ended up getting considerably more air time than Chris and Tony even did, and they’re the bosses of the label!

We were all really blown away by the end result at Hospital; so much that we hassled Tom to let us release it as part of our Fifteen Years Of Hospital extravaganza. I am a bit freaked out by the sound of my own voice, I feel like I say some stupid stuff in it (sorry Edgar, I don’t mean anything bad about you or your job, I promise!!) and I seem to not bother finishing my sentences a few times too, but if you turn a blind eye to my flaws you’ll find a really tidy little documentary.

So if you’re interested in our world, check it out! It’s a great little look into the Hospital ethos of fun, and shows a little glimpse into how we work and why we do it too. It features contributions from a selection of staff, artists and general friends of the label – thankfully it’s not all about me, or even I would’ve embargoed it!

And big up to Tom for making it!!

Reverberations (and Riots)

This week has seen the release of Unquote’s debut album Reverberation Box, an album project I have had the pleasure of working on over the past couple of months. The artwork I created for this album has been greeted so warmly I thought I’d show it a bit of love on Notes!

Unquote is a St-Petersburger signed to Med School after he had a couple of fantastic tracks on big sister Hospital’s Future Sound Of Russia project in 2009. His debut single, the substantially titled ‘Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven‘ came out last year, and my artwork for this is where Reverberation Box started.

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