agh! i just spent about 4 hours updating the portfolio on my website. i really underestimated how much stuff needed addingover the past few months, and was generally just being lazyabout doing it. not to mention being distracted by lilly. :). so yeah, lots of junk added on my portfolio, i’m really tired of html now, and therefore i’m keeping this short.

here is something from the past (well, since i last updated)


from my flight to turkey.

here is something from the present (but also kinda from the past)


the lcII is another machine in my heritage as a designer – i found lots of drawings i did on this machine from when i was 9 years old and younger. and still, i am drawing pictures on apple macs!

lastly, here is something from the future.


i’m playing at hospitality again in a couple of weeks! come and listen to me bring the crunch! powarrrr!

oh and hospitality at heaven was brilliant! made me realise how many people do actually read my site and everything, so i should really stop neglecting it.

much love and all that!

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