Lizard Tshirt I

i painted another tshirt a few weeks back, with the spacelizard from my cyantific dubplate, on an icke-like turquoise tshirt a few weeks back…



unfortunately his oxygen tank seemed to ‘explode’ in the wash, and the tshirt was close-on destroyed;


but he’s under heavy reconstructive surgery… we can rebuild him… we have the technology…

in other news, i wasn’t happy with the efforts on the ps2, so peeled it all off, sanded it back, and am in the process of reworking this too;


“what’s that i notice i notice in the background?” i hear you cry, “is it finally a fabulous new wallpaper for us to download??”. yes it is! i updated the wallpapers page after a bit of badlove over the past 2 months, but it’s back updated!

woo! i finally put june’s one up now too! but you can’t have july’s! click it at the top of this page for june’s august’s and 40 other wallpapers!

oh and expect a massive portfolio update in september. i might even rework the whole page if i find the time and inspiration. that’s all i have to report right now at 3.30am on sunday night tho.

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