Something Creative for the better part of October and November

Hey, look at that! It’s taken me a lot longer than it should, but I have finally clocked up another four weeks of daily creativities! I ended up having to take about a week off from the project to work on something bigger and more exciting, details of which should emerge very soon!

There are a couple of great things this month; my favourite by far is the chickens I drew, closely followed by the slightly brutal Yuh Wan’ Pork?, but there some other nice things in there too!

I’ve got less than a month until my annual transatlantic trip now, but hopefully that won’t cause too much of a delay before my next roundup. What I’m more worried about is all the work I have to finish before I leave!!

After the fold are all the old direct links, for posterity’s sake.

Trying not to get his stripedy shorts wet after his ship disappeared on himLetterpress SnafuScenes From South Hertfordshire: PersimmonsAnton, Duke of ParisThe ClassicCleo111111Emergency SalesmanBath TrainRoboteeUn Potiron Pour HalloweenAn Edible SpiderAAARGH!Fifty SquidLab CoatA Shedding DogAnatomy Of A SneezeNot A RobotTiny Wavey ZoetropeA Bear of Bad NewsBird BrainsUntitled Post-ItPaper SaladThe Onion OceanChickens!Charity Shop Dumpster DiverYuh Wan' Pork?Lipwasher