Hello again! Just a brief explanation! I have made over my blog too, it seems to mostly function how it should. 🙂 It continues rather nicely on from the new theme set by the rest of my site quite nicely. The main idea is for it to be more about the pictures than my writing here, as they’re often a lot more interesting!

Apologies for not wrtiting an update article in the past few months… Amongst other stuff (mentioned below), it really has taken me this long to finish redesigning this page, and make it work!

Been a while…

coverSpeeka – Bonfire

speekaprintingScreenprints from Speeka cover

asephotoAll Sounds Electric Boxset

boxesAll Sounds Electric packaging

NHS129Polo mint



apronUtensil Apron

nicesunsetMmm relaxy

Bonjour, weblog readers! It’s been a while since I wrote here last, but it’s been a busy few months! Since I last wrote, I have moved house to a much more humble dwelling (complete with great sunsets!), done a couple of albums, a load of singles, and tinkered with this site a lot. you may notice the format of this page has changed, but that’s gonna be explained in another article (it will help test the redesign!). Basically, it’s all about the pictures, so here the are!

To my right, you should be noticing these pictures, starting with the Critical album All Sounds Electric in all it’s finished luxurian glory, the Speeka album (which is my first non-D&B album!), which was actually a hand-screenprinted effort, some new singles for Hospital that I’m rather proud of, some new glow-in-the-dark garments and anything else I can remember to put in, like the apron I hand-screenprinted and -stitched for Lilly!

Who knows, I might even go and update my flickr soon! I’ve taken a handful of reasonable photos in the past couple of months… I’ve discovered the wonders of a tripod!

I’ve also leaned up my Portfolio a little, removing a lot of the cruft in favour of a more logical layout. My favourite new addition though is the trinkets section. There are more to be added when i think of them and get the opportunity to photo them too, so keep checking back if you’re interested!

Bon Appetite!

Out with the old, in with the new

Avast, Trickartt v3.0! Ahoy v3.1!

New Look Site


Today, I uploaded version 3.1 of the good ship trickartt! The site works in pretty much the same way as it did before, but has had a makeover. To be honest, I was never entirely happy with v3.0 from an aesthetic point of view, as I probably moaned about on here. However, a couple of weeks ago I came up with a new idea for the design while working on something completely unrelated. It all came together relatively easily, but took a lot of work to bring it all together.



As you can tell, the blog section is yet to be updated to match, but it is on the cards. i just need to work out how best to make it work for the more conventional vertically-scrolling format. There’s even an outside chance I’ll take it as an opportunity to upgrade to some proper blogging software, but that all depends on how ambitious i’m feeling when I come to doing it.


As I previously mentioned, I’ve actually put up a page advertising the Prints I made this summer. Foolishly, I put them into storage a few days before I found the motivation to make the page, so some photos of the actual prints will be added to the page at some nearby future point.

If you are interested in buying one, please don’t hesitate to email me and talk turkey! If these sell reasonably, I have told myself to invest some of the profits back into getting some tshirts (and potentially other nice printed things such as postcards and wrapping paper) and start the fabled boutique.


Lastly for the evening, here is something I worked on but doesn’t have a rightful place on my portfolio. I recently helped work on High Contrast’s new album ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’. I didn’t do the artwork, but I did get a rather nice new credit on the sleeve:

Production and Layout! If anyone wonders what that actually means, the simplest explanation is High Contrast said what he wanted, Chris said how to do it, Dave did it and I made it fully functional. haha. It was quite a project!

Well I hope you all like the new look of (the rest of) the site! I feel it’s a lot more me, and rather more unconventional!

Time flies when you’re having fun!



Ahoy! I can’t believe it’s been three months since I last wrote anything here. Wow. I guess, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. A lot has happened in the past quarter, I have had my hand in a few more albums and singles, I turned 21 and I took a trip to the other side of the world! Whoosh!

I have managed to keep the main site relatively updated in the mean time, even if I haven’t wrote on here, so there is new stuff to see. well here is a handful of stuff, some commissioned, some not.

New wallpapers! The first being a diagram of how rain is made.



This is probably one of my favourite pieces of work from the past few months. It’s a pastiche of Hokusai’s Great Wave, which I know is hardly an original idea, but it was too appropriate for the titles of the single the art was for. Besides I had fun doing it! Here’s a closeup of some of the detail in my version too 🙂


Here is a dabbling in mixing illustration with photography, named Suburban Takeover.


I managed to acquire a wide-format printer for a few weeks in July, so I used it to run off some posters and a few canvases. I have a selection of stuff waiting to be sold too, but to be honest I don’t see myself getting organised enough to do that in the near future. I’m intending on putting a page up at some point in the future listing what I have waiting to be homed by you, but in the mean time, anyone seriously interested can email me for a bit more info. Anyway, one of the posters I came up with is the Pasta Wallchart:


The last thing I have to mention for the time being is that I got a new camera – my first dSLR! I’m enjoying the freedom that’s offering me, and I joined flickr, as that seems to be the done thing by anyone who likes taking photos, though I have to say I don’t understand it completely yet. I thought it was going to be a bit more public and would offer me lots of people looking at my photos to potentially offer me constructive criticism, as I don’t think my photos are very good yet. Anyway, If you use flickr too, I would be delighted if you did whatever you do on flickr and start talking about my photos or something.


OK, the last thing I’ll leave you with for now is this character. Avast!






Keeping this page updated is such a weird scenario. I get stuck in the quagmire of feeling like I’m not showing enough stuff then realising I’ve got wayy too much for one entry! haha.

On with the crap tho. I won’t post pictures here but there are lots of new things in the work section, including the mammoth project that was the Hospital Records website- a project that took about seven months start to finish. We all love it though- unlike most of the bigger labels in D&B, Hospital’s website is now fully modernised and present! There have also been a selection of new things added to the Critical and Hospital sections of the work pages if you feel like taking a gander.

From the realm of non-worky things appear two more wallpapers! One is inspired by Andreas Gursky, though is photoshopped as opposed to his incredible photography, and the other is just some standard retro funk. they are available to download in the usual place tho.

I’ve also been dabbling in the concept of using web browsers as a canvas for a bit of art that’s largely a repeat pattern. I’ve had some relatively interesting results too!


In the park
My room
Brighton Pier
View of the seafront from the pier

I’ve been messing around with shooting panoramas over the past few months. They’re quite fun to do and Photoshop CS3 has some mindbending photostitch algorhythms, which have yielded the following results, tho I tend to have just as much fun laying them out myself. Maybe one day I’ll do some that are as good as David Hockney’s. I’ve no idea how interesting you’ll find any of these, or even how good they are, but i quite like them.


Here is Danny Byrd looking jolly while sporting his new Trickartt T-shirt:


Lastly, I have decided to do away with the weird bit at the bottom of each entry about what i’m listening to, as it’s pretty much pointless. instead, I am favouring the idea of actually writing a note about whatever I’ve been listening to lately, if I feel it’s worth reccomending. Such as Talc’s album ‘Sit Down Think’. I’ve been listening to it soo much over the past few weeks and it’s such a great fun album. It’s on Wah Wah 45s and you can find more info about it here. To quote Fly, “I bet Denis Waterman couldn’t get Natasha Kaplinsky into any of [his] lyrics.” Too right.

A few more new things



I’ve realised my weblog was becoming exactly what I didn’t want it to lately- the lazy man’s way of showing new work. So I have decided to remedy that and have updated a load of junk on the portfolio, so if you want to see some new pictures, go dig around there, particularly in the Hospital Records section.

Anyway. On with the interesting stuff.

Finally some new Wallpapers!

Yes! I hear your cries of bewilderment! You can download them from the Wallpapers section, as ever.

On a creative randomnity tip, here are a couple of strange things.


The Lilly and I baked this loaf of bread the other day and much to her dismay, I had some googly eyes to hand, ready to turn the loaf into a breadmonster!


Now on his fourth protoype, the cuddly Purple Dude is starting to make sense. I’m experimenting with different fabrics and different kinds of stitching and the like, but he’s coming on famously!

And with that, I bid you Adeau!


A few new things

Have some pictures.

New Beta Things



Weapons 3

Here is a preview of the Weapons of Mass Creation Three album artwork:


I had to master the Super Badge-It and get the needle and thread out for this cover… It was quite a picture, believe me! Anyway, we brought the always fantastic Andrew Attah in again to take the photos for this.

The cover of the cd folds out to reveal the full image:


On the Weapons/War front, I’ve been helping envisage the Stop the War on Vinyl campaign, coming up with the commie-style identity for it.



Apparently the Panda Style 7″ became massively popular in it’s limited glory, and following numerous enquiries about them, I am happy to announce that Panda Style Trickartt T-Shirts will be available from Hospital Soon! You can rest assured I will make some noise on my site when they’re actually available to buy.


That’s about all i can show right now. In case you don’t venture into my portfolio much, I suggest you have a look round, cos I’ve retaken all of the Threads photos and added a few new items to boot!

Keep it Cakey!

The Usual

Can’t be arsed to write much this evening, but decided it was time to show some new things…



Here are some photos of the finished The Eleventh Hour artwork, in all it’s metallic and varnishy glory

Ship Ahoy! Yelled the Pirate to the Scuvy Crew

More clothes!


Panda polo taken from My mighty panda style 7″ artwork!


Also coming from Hospital soon is the Future Sound of Tokyo. Illustration by me, type by Chris Goss


Lots more Critical colours:


And lastly, a couple more herbal flyers:


Yule Activities

Hello Internet world! As I think I promised in my last entry, here is a new entry showing off all the things I have produced in the world of Christmas!

Here is a t-shirt I painted for Adam, to match the hoodie I painted his daughter for her birthday… only the one cloud on it tho!


A scarf i got involved in for Chris Goss- a tiny goose badge I painted and stitched on to the scarf. bit of a Lyle+Scott vibe going on!


Here is a t-shirt for Alyssa! A nice simple design cos she seems to like running around and shouting ‘RARRR!! I’m a monster!’ which is rather cute!


Here is the absolute piste de resistance this christmas- I completely designed from scratch and sewed by myself this silly belted cow pencil case for Lilly! How I came up with the idea is a long story tho!



Everything I made this christmas came in elaborate purple packagaing too:


Finally, here is a t-shirt i painted this week in a bit of a post-christmas style for Tony Colman- the original Hospital gay reptile crest!


Expect another entry soon featuring real work that’s been going on of late!

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