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Yule Activities

Hello Internet world! As I think I promised in my last entry, here is a new entry showing off all the things I have produced in the world of Christmas!

Here is a t-shirt I painted for Adam, to match the hoodie I painted his daughter for her birthday… only the one cloud on it tho!


A scarf i got involved in for Chris Goss- a tiny goose badge I painted and stitched on to the scarf. bit of a Lyle+Scott vibe going on!


Here is a t-shirt for Alyssa! A nice simple design cos she seems to like running around and shouting ‘RARRR!! I’m a monster!’ which is rather cute!


Here is the absolute piste de resistance this christmas- I completely designed from scratch and sewed by myself this silly belted cow pencil case for Lilly! How I came up with the idea is a long story tho!



Everything I made this christmas came in elaborate purple packagaing too:


Finally, here is a t-shirt i painted this week in a bit of a post-christmas style for Tony Colman- the original Hospital gay reptile crest!


Expect another entry soon featuring real work that’s been going on of late!

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