Something Every Winter Day

What do you know, it’s time for another SCED monthly roundup, and I had no idea it was that time already!

It’s been a colourful month! This month I have started working on drawing all of the international code of flags and drawn plenty of post-its. By far and large the greatest thing I’ve done this month is Robot Factory. I’m still surprised that came out of my mind/fingers. It’s been a relatively solid month of ideas by my standards… I wonder if I’ll keep it up next month?!

After the fold are all the old direct links, for posterity’s sake.

Emergency DogsMehmetGuiseppe SXThe Six Million Post-it ManBravoCthulhu SulksKangaroo SuitBig DancerLevy MillSinkingThe Scent of the TrailPerfectly ImperfectMikeANANAAAAASInside ErnoLittle CreaturesDogs and The Search for Other-world LifeSplitting HaddockNear MissAlfaFishingJulietRobot FactoryThe Missing LinkHootSeasonal GarageWonkey LegsCash Machine