A Non-Permanent Unrequited Public Art Installation

Since I moved to Rickmansworth a few years ago, I have taken an almost-daily walk around the local park, the Aquadrome. I chuckle at all the waterbirds and see child after child fall off their micro-scooters on my travels, but it mostly serves to keep me fit. None of my jeans fit me any more, which is a nice problem to have.

A couple of months ago, I noticed these two frames erected by one of the entrances:

I figured they weren’t filled at the time so the concrete they were affixed with could set. So many weeks have now passed that the seasons have changed but the frames still haven’t been filled. The Rickmansworth Festival in the park came and went too, and I thought for sure they would be filled in time for that. Alas, they stayed empty.

Then the idea hit me – why not fill them myself?! I’m not down with vandalism, so I figured I could staple some canvas to them without causing any lasting damage, and I had a nice little project for the Bank Holiday.

I took a little bit of inspiration from Austin, Texas’ Hi How Are You? frog, which has become a bit of a landmark around there as they seem to appreciate the greeting. Perhaps my people will appreciate it too?

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