You Call This Summer? Daily Creativities, May-June 2012

It’s been a long, slow 28 days of creativities in Ricky Trickartt’s Wonderful World of Colour. I’ve been grappling with a combination of busyness (working on Netsky’s album amongst other things) and general uninspiration, so pumping out the dailies has been a long slog. I think I need a holiday. Which is convenient as I have one coming up!

There have been a couple of inspired moments this month though. The highlight of the month has to be the Trojan Poultry, which was meant to look rubbish but ended up way cooler than I had originally envisioned. Nice problem to have! The Ram is worth mentioning too, as it went a little bit viral (by my standards at least!) on Tumblr, with almost a hundred reblogs and likes since I originally posted it. A final bonus word for And it Continued to Rain too – it might not be much, but it’s my oddly-pleases-me pick of the month!

After the fold are all the old direct links, for posterity’s sake.

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