Avast Ye!

ello. just a quick note to say welcome to the all-new Trickartt. this is version 3.0- the third major version of the site in 3 years.

i fell in love with php inserts (my first php script! haha) and they’re the basis of my entire website. the new site has been completely redesigned to be a lot more corporate, full of less junk, and the focus taken away from my random writings here. it’s also considerably easier to update now too!

now it’s all online i’m starting to worry it’s tooo corporate and not artistic enough, but whatever way i look at it, it’s better than it was. maybe i’ll get the hire me! and artistic blend right whenever i feel the urge to start work on v4.

i just want to mention a quick thankyou to tom at hospital for helping write my about text! it’s so much more fun than the excuse for an about section i had before, not to mention more accurate! hehe.

anyway, i hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and reading all the junk i write about here more than ever. hehe.