agh! i just spent about 4 hours updating the portfolio on my website. i really underestimated how much stuff needed addingover the past few months, and was generally just being lazyabout doing it. not to mention being distracted by lilly. :). so yeah, lots of junk added on my portfolio, i’m really tired of html now, and therefore i’m keeping this short.

here is something from the past (well, since i last updated)


from my flight to turkey.

here is something from the present (but also kinda from the past)


the lcII is another machine in my heritage as a designer – i found lots of drawings i did on this machine from when i was 9 years old and younger. and still, i am drawing pictures on apple macs!

lastly, here is something from the future.


i’m playing at hospitality again in a couple of weeks! come and listen to me bring the crunch! powarrrr!

oh and hospitality at heaven was brilliant! made me realise how many people do actually read my site and everything, so i should really stop neglecting it.

much love and all that!

Yeah! I wanna buy some fresh Trickartt!

So the friuts of my labour over the past couple of weeks are finally coming out! so if you wanted some fresh artwork by myself, tis the season!

M*A*S*H09 – Logistics – Uprock / Static

Released 5th September 2005 (that’s monday!)
yay! i like these, they’re fun!

BETA16 – John B – Remember Tonight

Released 19th September 2005
yaharr! a nice full art single from john b! the cover photo is by a fella named tobias wang. i’ve never met him, but he’s a friend of john’s so i’m sure he’s nice. plus the photo’s good!

NHS94 – London Elektricity – Hanging Rock

Released 19th September 2005
Powarr! I’m really pleased with how these have come out, was a bit worried for a while that they’d be too pony and obscure, but it looks lovely in print!

ELC005 – John B Vs. Hydra – On A Mission

Released 3rd October 2005
these go with the discobags i did last year, and are like the old labels, but a lot better! bohHhh!

PLAY:ME:12:001 – Martyn – Nxt 2 U / Deepwood

Released 3rd October 2005
been a long time coming and too much tweaking, but it’s brillo, and i feel honoured to be a part of play:musk from the start! pleased with this artwork, and will work great for future releases..

Now Go Forth and Spend money on these! 😀

Lizard Tshirt I

i painted another tshirt a few weeks back, with the spacelizard from my cyantific dubplate, on an icke-like turquoise tshirt a few weeks back…



unfortunately his oxygen tank seemed to ‘explode’ in the wash, and the tshirt was close-on destroyed;


but he’s under heavy reconstructive surgery… we can rebuild him… we have the technology…

in other news, i wasn’t happy with the efforts on the ps2, so peeled it all off, sanded it back, and am in the process of reworking this too;


“what’s that i notice i notice in the background?” i hear you cry, “is it finally a fabulous new wallpaper for us to download??”. yes it is! i updated the wallpapers page after a bit of badlove over the past 2 months, but it’s back updated!

woo! i finally put june’s one up now too! but you can’t have july’s! click it at the top of this page for june’s august’s and 40 other wallpapers!

oh and expect a massive portfolio update in september. i might even rework the whole page if i find the time and inspiration. that’s all i have to report right now at 3.30am on sunday night tho.

Bacon Fishsticks

just a short update today; i painted my brother’s ps2 last night. squid! it looks pretty crap in photo tho.


got my vespa back as well, it looks like new! but cos it does it’s not worth posting a photo of it. lastly, here is a picture of me djing at hospitality;


this phot was by Andrew J. Attah, you can look at his portfolio here. lots of good photographers about lately! also you can look at full visual coverage of the event on doa gallery, big ups to dimi and xo for their photos there!

oh this entry is called bacon fishsticks cos that’s what my desk says.


is tonight, and i have the longest set of the night! *makes rude faces to all the other djs even tho they’re better than me*


i painted a trickartt logo on my new hospital boxbag for the night


and while i was at it, painted a purple dude tshirt.


a couple weeks later, i painted a porkchop feet tshirt, to wear to hospitality tonight.


other new work includes labels for m*a*s*h, hospital’s sister label!


and although i don’t have much to show for it, i’m still very busy! hopefully all will calm down next week when hospitality is done! oh and my vespa is booked in for repair next week, insurance finally coughed up!

Words and Pictures from May

been busybusybusy of late! so here are some pictures and brief explanations of what’s going on in them…


new splash page! chris goss is the influence here! all part of operation: faze out the flash page…


space lizards! hooray for making my own labels for cyantific promos!

NEW DOA LOOK!! yes, it’s caused some controversy just cos it’s chage, even tho it’s not much fo a change at all, but i did it, and i’m still proud of it!


the jeans i posted about before also fell victim to the washing machine – it’s cos i did a white base coat. they don’t look bad like this tho!


new canvas! not totally finished. currently just marker on unprimed canvas, hence the fuzzy look. i’d like to go over it in a really glossy black, but it’s about finding the appropriate medium. inspired by evan hecox, based around another one of napalm’s photos!


this dude was on jools holland last night while i was channel hopping, bashign away at the drums. the band was awful but his hair is some of the most incredible i’ve ever seen!

also happening is i’ve cut this page in half, to save on loading times, considering this is supposed to eb the main page now. i better go to sleeeep now!

Jeans, paint, that sorta stuff

so after the washing machine owning me and my cheesetee, i went out to find some sort of medium to stop the destruction, i managed to find exactly what i was after; system3 textile medium, so i can carry on with my experiments. and this time i attacked my beloved carhartt jeans. and here be thy results



and they’re looking pimp. that’s pretty much all there is to report at the moment.

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