Odyssey Oddity

Exciting times arrived in Rickmansland this spring, bringing a small commission from a big company. Red Bull asked me to design a T-shirt for a music event they were hosting in June. Named The Odyssey, the event took place on a small armada of boats on the Thames.

I was asked to come up with a design that I felt represented Drum & Bass music, and being me, I wanted to steer away from the hoodies-and-graffiti visual cliches of the genre. Instead I tried to illustrate what the music does – offers a place to escape into something totally different to other stuff we have on our planet and sink into a different dimension.

Red Bull were also kind enough to post a brief interview with me onto their website, which you can read here. I am thankful that even with the tint of hindsight, I don’t sound too ridiculous in the article. If you like the T-shirt design, you can order yourself one here!

Press ‘1’ for Hair Emergencies

Press '1' for Hair Emergencies

Hey Internet! Here’s something cool I did recently – one of a few new T-shirt designs for Hospital. Maybe you know that most graphic output at Hospital is my work anyway, but this design feels a lot more Ricky Trickartt than most things I do for them, which is why (like George Forman) I put my name on it!

There are robots on it. Lots of robots. And a lot of other electronics, both modern and obsolete too. And best of all, they’re all unique! Tall robots, short robots, robots on wheels, vacuum cleaners, telescopic robots, dancing robots, and it wouldn’t be right without a washing machine or two as well.


So what’s with the hair emergency? The phone menu style comes from the robots, the emergency is because it’s Hospital, and the hair problems are all me.


Confused yet? Here’s what you need to do: Go to the Hospital Shop and buy a Robots T-shirt, in blue or white, wear it and love it. Alright!

Vote for my horse on Threadless!

I have a T-Shirt design up for voting on Threadless! Yes, this is my first design that has actually made it to the voting stage, and now it needs all the help it can get.

It’s such a happy horse- why wouldn’t you want to see it on a T-Shirt? If it walked into a bar, the bartender wouldn’t ask ‘why the long face?’. It’s that happy!

I really wanted to submit this for a kid’s T-Shirt design, but I couldn’t see a way to do that independently. If you grown-ups like it though, great! Wouldn’t it make you smile if you saw someone walk past you with him on their chest?!

Please vote for it, especially if you like it! Get all your friends and all your enemies to vote too! Yeah!

Here he is, modelling his own T-Shirt. Yeahh! Vote!!

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