Hello again! Just a brief explanation! I have made over my blog too, it seems to mostly function how it should. šŸ™‚ It continues rather nicely on from the new theme set by the rest of my site quite nicely. The main idea is for it to be more about the pictures than my writing here, as they’re often a lot more interesting!

Apologies for not wrtiting an update article in the past few months… Amongst other stuff (mentioned below), it really has taken me this long to finish redesigning this page, and make it work!

Been a while…

coverSpeeka – Bonfire

speekaprintingScreenprints from Speeka cover

asephotoAll Sounds Electric Boxset

boxesAll Sounds Electric packaging

NHS129Polo mint



apronUtensil Apron

nicesunsetMmm relaxy

Bonjour, weblog readers! It’s been a while since I wrote here last, but it’s been a busy few months! Since I last wrote, I have moved house to a much more humble dwelling (complete with great sunsets!), done a couple of albums, a load of singles, and tinkered with this site a lot. you may notice the format of this page has changed, but that’s gonna be explained in another article (it will help test the redesign!). Basically, it’s all about the pictures, so here the are!

To my right, you should be noticing these pictures, starting with the Critical albumĀ All Sounds Electric in all it’s finished luxurian glory, theĀ Speeka album (which is my first non-D&B album!), which was actually a hand-screenprinted effort, some new singles forĀ Hospital that I’m rather proud of, some new glow-in-the-dark garments and anything else I can remember to put in, like the apron I hand-screenprinted and -stitched for Lilly!

Who knows, I might even go and update my flickr soon! I’ve taken a handful of reasonable photos in the past couple of months… I’ve discovered the wonders of a tripod!

I’ve also leaned up my Portfolio a little, removing a lot of the cruft in favour of a more logical layout. My favourite new addition though is the trinkets section. There are more to be added when i think of them and get the opportunity to photo them too, so keep checking back if you’re interested!

Bon Appetite!

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