A few new things

Have some pictures.

New Beta Things



Weapons 3

Here is a preview of the Weapons of Mass Creation Three album artwork:


I had to master the Super Badge-It and get the needle and thread out for this cover… It was quite a picture, believe me! Anyway, we brought the always fantastic Andrew Attah in again to take the photos for this.

The cover of the cd folds out to reveal the full image:


On the Weapons/War front, I’ve been helping envisage the Stop the War on Vinyl campaign, coming up with the commie-style identity for it.



Apparently the Panda Style 7″ became massively popular in it’s limited glory, and following numerous enquiries about them, I am happy to announce that Panda Style Trickartt T-Shirts will be available from Hospital Soon! You can rest assured I will make some noise on my site when they’re actually available to buy.


That’s about all i can show right now. In case you don’t venture into my portfolio much, I suggest you have a look round, cos I’ve retaken all of the Threads photos and added a few new items to boot!

Keep it Cakey!

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