The Return of Something Creative Every Day

It’s back and it’s unfocussed as ever – I’m doing stuff on a daily basis once again, and have already racked up another four weeks of it:

I sort of fell back into the habit over my winter break in the capitalism nexus – I got home and realised I had pretty much done something for every day I was away, which is most of what you’re seeing here. You know, the usual stuff people do while on holiday – take photos, draw on their iPad, make plush jackalopes. Nothing strange there.

So on to picking favourites, I think my best effort this month is The Upstairs Whale. No explanation for the satisfaction it brings me though. Also a big fan of Dollar Bill – it’s dumb, it’s a play on words, it’s a bad drawing, it’s classic me.

Now I’m back into the habit, it’s worth reminding you that if you like Tumblr, I am still posting the dailies there too, to varying degrees of success. Check it all out at now!

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New Jack Year


Lilly's brother Michael decided he wanted to motivate his troops with a trophy that can be passed around his team whenever anyone does anything sufficiently awesome. He had the idea of a trophy jackalope. Despite this being America we're talking about, his colleagues were a bit squeamish about the idea of taxidermy, so he asked me if I had any ideas.

A plush jackalope seemed to be the logical solution, so while I was stateside this winter, I got to work. As accosting a sewing machine is much more my idea of fun than getting sloshed and/or cold, I spent my New Year's Eve wrangling with a handsome 1970s Kenmore:

DSC_6896 ...Well, you wouldn't want to be kenless, would you?

The antlers are the coolest thing about him - I stuffed each branch with pipe cleaner, so they can be bent into any shape and will stay there.


He's hardly perfect - his head is too big, backside too small, and due to my low-rent sewing skillz, he is a bit twisted around, kind of reminiscent of the dramatic squirrel. I'm happy with him regardless, as he does actually look like a jackalope, and it always pleases me when the things I create end up looking like they're meant to!

I named him Treehorn, and got plenty of photos of him before I left Americaland, including a full 360° of him. Try dragging or doubleclicking the above photo to see!

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