Xtra Bass, and other new jazz!

woo it’s finally finished! went live today! my skin of bbc 1xtra’s xtra bass 2005 is online now!


have a nose around here to see it in action and stuff! woo! respect to the other artists too. jon black of magnet has done a superb job of the other spectrum of dnb.

In other recent developments, i submitted some tshirt designs to the magnificent hospital records yesterday at their request, so hopefully i will be able to report news of trickartt hospital tshirts very soon! i’m also trying to make myself a one-off tshirt that reads ‘i am the internet’. and in further tshirt news i did a design for john b which you should hopefully be seeing a lot of in the near future, especially around wmc… tshirt madness in trickartt world!

on a totally off-topic note, condolences to tarzan and congratulations to it’s successor rolldabeats, a new bigger, better and all round more pleasant ultimate drum and bass database.

i’m thinking of overhauling my website in favour of something non-flash based, but i will archive the old site for nostalgic purposes. also my portfolio is kinda disorganised and not entirely how i want it any more, so that’s on my hitlist. in the mean time i might do a real cheesey typical graphic designer’s website with 45° pinstripes and all that sort of jazz (will you play us some yazz flute mister burgundy?) cos for some reason i’m itching for a non-flash based webdesign project. as usual my mind has moved on, but you heard it here first, whatever i was about to type!

oh and if anyone wants to teach me css and / or php, or even better make a php backend for my blog out of the goodness of their heart or for a skills trade, email me at my new address ricky@trickartt.com (i only just found out i can have @trickartt.com email addresses). i should learn to do things properly.

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