He Is Lynx

I Am Lynx

The latest release I’ve had the pleasure of working on is Lynx’s new album, and his first on Hospital Records, simply titled ‘I Am Lynx’.

We haven’t often done the full-on collage thing at Hospital, at least since 2006’s Computer Love EP, but we all thought it’d go well with Lynx’s idiosyncratic musical style. Steve was up for it too, so he sent through a folder of some classic childhood/family photos and a list of objects and memories from growing up in 80s/90s Britain for me to get to work with.

I pulled the collage all together in a way that radiated around Chelone Wolf‘s portrait of Lynx, to show all of these things making him who he is today, along with a few sillier lynx moments.

I’m really pleased with the cover, it’s mega colourful, totally ridiculous and very Monty Python (we even included Bronzino’s Cupid foot), but it’s also probably the most personal artist’s album cover I’ve ever designed.

Digital and CD are out on Monday, with the vinyl following soonafter (thanks, Record Store Day). Go and cop it!

May’s Post-it Menagerie

Let May 2015 go down in history as the month a royal peanut was born, David Cameron was re-elected in all his porky glory, and Canning Town was actually condensed into a series of cans.

Looking back across this spread of ridicule, I think my favourite thing was the dog I saw staring at the jambons at the French market a couple of weeks back. It was such a perfect sight – like something out of a cartoon – and my drawing even did the scenario justice.

It was also a month of punctures in my world – I got my first one on my bicycle since I got it in January, helped a stranger fix theirs, and got two on my Vespa. Let’s hope for a bit of respite on that front next month!

How was May for you?

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New Portfolio Page: Rough Rhythms

Wax Prints at a market in Rwanda

Something that really captured my imagination while travelling around Africa last summer was the dutch/wax print fabrics that were popular in Rwanda. As is plainly obvious, I’m a total sucker for bright colours, but what I also loved was the sheer madness of the designs themselves.

Like the woman casually walking down the street with the weight of a small Vespa in potatoes balanced on her head, wearing a dress adorned with chevrons and plaice fish. Or this cheerful lady wearing a skirt emblazoned with itnernational currency symbols:

No Sterling

It really made me wonder how they settle on the random objects to turn into these wonderful patterns. I love a good pattern, and I love drawing strange things, so I’ve gathered up some of the irregular patterns I’ve been drawing into this new page on my portfolio.



I’ve put a set of ten up in the portfolio – look at them here! It’d be amazing to see a pattern I drew turned into fabric one day. I would be so honoured!

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