Rickmansworth: my modernist motherland

I live in Rickmansworth. It isn’t really fair to call it my motherland; I just couldn’t resist the alliteration! I might not have been born or brought up here, but I have been living here for a good few years now and am kinda attached to it. In fact, the townspeople seem to like having me here too, as every May, they get together and celebrate ‘Ricky Week’!

At Ricky Week a couple of years back, the church at the bottom of my street opened its tower to the public, so Lilly and I went up there as it offered a nice view over our village. While we were up there, I overheard an older fella muttering about how the village has been ruined by all the modern architecture.

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Learning, Improving things and Play:musik

DJ Flight’s label play:musik is back! I was only nineteen when Flight very kindly gave me the opportunity to create the original artwork and identity for the label, but I have learnt a lot in the past five years, so the label’s relaunch was a good time to make some improvements to the artwork. This post is about the changes I have made, the things I have learnt, and the artwork, so if you’re interested, Continue reading “Learning, Improving things and Play:musik”

Something Creative (nearly) Every Day in July

It’s that time again!

Well it’s not all just July, and it’s not July in its entirety either as I took a little holiday this month, but here is another four weeks worth of daily creative nonsense anyway!

Some of the better stuff this month includes a couple of tiny stopmotion experiments, and I’m also weirdly satisfied with this picture of a building near my home. The rest of the month is a bit random, but I’m sure a couple of the ideas in there have some merit to them!

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