Hospital Art! and other fruity things

The Hospital Art! exhibition at the ArtVinyl gallery in E8 came to a close this week, before i even posted about it here in my weblog. ironically i did make a post about it on my new site about a month ago, but the site has been sitting around at about 99% finished for so long the exhibition came and went.


here is a blurry photo of everyone mingling at opening night:


and here is a photo of most of the work up on display:


so that went well!


here are a pair of non-purple purple dudes, in fruit form.


Happy Birthday Lilly!

It was Lilly’s birthday this week, so i painted her a new hoodie:


bit of an adventure behind this, but i won’t go into full rambling detail. the inside is custom-lined using fabric from a pink babyblanket, which is really soft! and the entire thing is hand-painted in shimmering pink. i wasn’t sure i was happy with it until Lilly said she loves it! 🙂

Some new stuff that doesn’t really belong on my portfolio

hi! i was thinking about why i decided to keep my weblog and i realised it’s a good ground to post weird stuff that doesn’t really belong on my portfolio, especially as it’s not all corp-ed up. here is a drawing i did a couple of days ago that’s a perfect example of why.


i’m not really sure what there is to this beyond what you see, but he’s rather creepy looking. he’s eager. i don’t know what he is, but he’s on some kind of seafaring vessel and is wearing a ruff. how elizabethan!


and the following day i drew this fella. it started off as a dancing bear, then i decided i’d put him (yes him) in a grass skirt so he was more dancing a bit of a hawiian hula thing. again, doesn’t really have a place on the portfolio, but there’s something interesting about it nonetheless.

i leave you with this penguin!


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