Another four weeks of SCED!

I didn’t realise until I came to make this post this morning that I hadn’t written anything else on my blog since the last Something Creative Every Day roundup, which is a little slack of me. It has been a busy month for work though, as you may notice from some of the dailies here- the Danny Byrd album project Rave Digger is in full swing and is looking to be the biggest album I have worked on, both in terms of the amount of stuff I have done for it and exposure (here’s hoping for a Top 40 chart position on the leadup single Ill Behaviour tomorrow)!

I’ll be rounding it all up on this blog when everything has come together, which has to wait until the album is actually out, I suppose- Hospital have locked away copies of the CD in a safe and won’t even give me one to check the print! haha. This will happen soon though- it’s out on 11th October!

The first anniversary of my daily creativity project passed in the past four weeks too, which I marked with an abstract series of coloured squares. This seemed to cause some confusion though. I said it was abstract! As a landmark in time, it got me wondering when I should stop, and the best I could conclude was to continue to carry on until something good comes of it. What that means I’m not sure, but I’m sure I’ll know it when it happens.

So my favourite thing from this month is probably my Inventory of everything on my desk right now (/then?), just because it seemed to become a little runaway point of interest from people. I even had Tony at Hospital asking me ‘I think it’s great that you did it, but what on earth possessed you to draw it all?’ when I was in the office the other day!

After the fold are all the old direct links, for posterity’s sake.

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