What Happened to Summer?

Here is what happened to summer. Behold, 28 sunshine-yellow little post-it notes!

The more I use social networks, the less I understand them, but they’re pretty much the only way I have to gauge this project’s ongoing popularity. This month’s biggest hit, both on Instagram and Facebook, was the ear plug. This surprised me as I thought it was a pretty basic idea not drawn very well, but what can you do. The pitta bed was a similar experience.

The other side of the coin was the anatomic bomb, which was a pretty good idea, pretty well drawn, and it was pretty well-received too, so what do I know?

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The Sports-Music Flip-flop

The middle of the calendar year on the edges of June and July is always a strange time of year in the world of Ricky Trickartt. I spend the entire year listening to music and staring blankly at people enthusing about sports, then along comes summer and all I want to do is listen to Wimbledon and hear nothing about Glastonbury. It’s a bit topsy-turvy. Accordingly, several of this month’s dailies have been at least tangentially related to tennis.

My personal favourite of this month was the Dog Dip (not tennis-related). It took me a few goes to get it right, but I look at it and think it’s pretty perfect now. It’s a picture of a big fluffy dog who had been wading in the river, and didn’t look nearly as bulky once the water had wetted down his fur.

By far the biggest hit this month was Kim Jong-Kardashian. It was a bit of an obvious idea I had rattling around in my head for a while, and it took me a while to figure it out. Once I did, I found it a bit disturbing, and fully expected it to tank accordingly, but it got way more likes and comments than I would’ve ever expected.

People tell me that one day something I come up with is going to go truly viral. I guess it could, but I don’t think I’m good enough at the ‘social’ part of social networking. Or the ‘networking’ part of social networking.

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There goes June with its seasonably long days and late nights! While I feel like the rest of my peer group have been out enjoying the weather at assortments of music festivals this month, I have been alternatively enjoying it through the ridiculous nature of local waterfowl and bicycle ownership.

I think the best thing I drew this month was the psycleiatry. It’s pretty stupid, it’s pretty great.

Oh! And a big thing happened this month: I filled up my second ever post-it book! Since upping these notes to one-a-day I filled up this book about three years faster than it took me to fill my first. I am proud, it’s a wonderful catalogue of woeful ideas. Check it out!

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May’s Post-it Menagerie

Let May 2015 go down in history as the month a royal peanut was born, David Cameron was re-elected in all his porky glory, and Canning Town was actually condensed into a series of cans.

Looking back across this spread of ridicule, I think my favourite thing was the dog I saw staring at the jambons at the French market a couple of weeks back. It was such a perfect sight – like something out of a cartoon – and my drawing even did the scenario justice.

It was also a month of punctures in my world – I got my first one on my bicycle since I got it in January, helped a stranger fix theirs, and got two on my Vespa. Let’s hope for a bit of respite on that front next month!

How was May for you?

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s been a little longer than your typical gregorian month since my last roundup. This is because I went on a deep-south roadtrip in March – when we hit the forests of Arkansas the internets were all gone, and by the time we made it to New Orleans, I was too busy stuffing my face with beignets to send a daily dispatch. Yes, I had a lovely time!

I’ve been having a fun time beyond the roadtrip too – aside from the computer crashes and the start of British political silly season, I’ve been imagining salami tsunamis, astronaut bunnies, pirate dachshunds, and illustrating a story about a cat who was ambushed by cayenne pepper. Cool!

Until next time, oh fair internet!

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February’s Fancies

This month in Ricky Trickartt’s wonderful world of colour, I’ve been pondering the backstory to Cecil’s Ride though a series of cat drawings. These are probably some of my favourite doodles over the past few weeks! Not all of the cats are to do with him though – the sack of cats came from Don Quixote, which I finished reading this month.

A couple of weeks ago two stories hit the internet at the same time- the resurrection of Skymall and release of footage from the new James Bond movie. The combination left me remembering Adele’s theme song to the last movie, and I imagined what James Bond would look like (and be thinking) if he ever got the opportunity to peruse a copy of Skymall on a long-distance flight.

I also found myself musing on the possibilities of throwing a hot dog so it would fly the length of a swimming pool. Maybe a 25-metre pool as that’s what was have here in the valley. I think my best bet would be some kind of balsa-and-tissuepaper wing construction. It’d make a great competition, but I don’t know if I’ll ever put this daydream into action, particularly if the hot dog is topped with mustard. That would just make a mess.

Drawing is fun!

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