Winter Yellows

Hey Internet!

January hit me like a tonne of bricks this year and it’s been one long month of sulking in Rickmansland. I’m trying to fight it though, and bring a little cheer into the extended world around me through daily illustrations.

It’s always interesting seeing what gets the most attention on the social internet. Oftentimes it’s the ones I’m proudest of that get the least attention, but that’s OK- they make me smile!

This month I particularly like the pasta machine. He came out just about exactly as I had hoped, which was a pleasant surprise!

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Ships, Scrawls And A Really Big Snail

Hey Internets! Here’s a roundup of the past four weeks in Ricky Trickartt’s Sunshine World. Clearly, the big event this month was the big snail. He’s so jazzy, I’ve decided to name him Cosby. Oh yeah. [Update, Nov. 2018: As I modify this post to fix some broken links, it seems now that using ‘Cosby’ in a positive light is no longer a very good idea at all]

The two biggest hits this month were the Pie Chart and Meats by Dr. Dre. The latter was an idea that has been rolling around my noggin since this fabled Apple acquisition arose in the news – my drawing turned out much better than I was expecting, and was immediately well received too. Wonderful.

The biggest disappointment, on the other hand, is Xscape The Lampshade. Every time I walk past a poster for Michael Jackson’s new album, I think it looks like he’s wearing an elizabethan collar (AKA lampshade), like a guilty dog, and that’s what this picture is about. Maybe my drawing was just so bad people thought it was Liza Minnelli, so they didn’t get the reference. It’s an easy mistake to make. I thought this would be a bit better digested than it was, but perhaps it’s just a quiet testament to how oddly my mind moves.

My personal favourite is the Science Boat this month. I loved the story in the news that Britain is ordering a new boat for science – particularly how it simply says SCIENCE on its flanks in big, bland, bold Helvetica in the renderings. It contrasts with the other recent news about Japan’s ‘science’ boats they’re using for whaling. Nasty business. Anyway, my drawing of the science boat seemed to somehow hit that sweet-spot of cuteness, and that makes me happy.

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April in Little Yellow Squares

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss the duck wearing a captain’s hat.

It’s April in Ricky Trickartt’s Wonderful World of Colour! The month has zoomed right past me – it really doesn’t feel like four weeks ago when I posted the last roundup, but I have all of these daily drawings to prove to me otherwise. There’s a bit of an animal theme running through this month – my favourite drawing of this lot is Huffman, the dog with the snout as long as the rest of his body. It’s so long it needs its own additional prop when he walks. He featured in a few doodles, and will probably come up again at some point in the future.

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Oh God It’s Happening Again

In the same way Something Creative Every Day just kinda started itself in 2009 and just kinda stopped happening three and a half years later, the Ricky Trickartt daily nonsense project has just kinda reincarnated itself.

Letting SCED come to a halt last spring felt right – not having to think (the thinking was definitely the hardest part!) of something to make every day brought me a small sense of liberation, but as 2013 rolled on, the liberation gave way to a kind of absence. I was missing the challenge, so I started pondering how to bring it back and make it better than before.

The one thing that was abundantly clear from the original run was the project’s lack of focus. It was part of its charm, sure, but it was also making the project hard to define, so that was the thing to fix if SCED was to return. I began pondering different strategies and sorting through the archive to see how they would work – I considered colour-themed months, daily robots, canvas restrictions and more, but nothing seemed to add the right kind of focus to the project.

Instagram is where all the cool kids are these days, and I’ve been posting random creations there sporadically for the past year, including the odd post-it. One of these post-it doodles suddenly turned into a week of daily postings, and before I could figure out how to focus the project’s return, here we are a month later with 28 daily post-it-postings. Oh god, it’s happening again!

When it comes to using post-it notes for daily creative outbursts, I’d like to acknowledge the incredibly talented Aaron Hartline, The Daily Post-it (seriously, look at how amazing this is!). He is an animator at Pixar who started following me on Twitter a couple of years back, I guess because we were sharing the intersecting worlds of daily creations and a love of post-it notes. He’s got focus!

Anyway, like the original SCED, I’ve no idea how long this is going to last, or if anything good will come of it, but I’m going to enjoy doing it for the time being. I’ll see how it goes, and if you follow me on Instagram, then we can see where it ends up together!

The daily fruits of spring

I keep a running list of daily creativity ideas for days when I feel less inspired. The great thing about looking back at the list for inspiration is I’ll have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote these things down (High-definition Hands? Berlusconi cheese!?), which can lead to unexpected reinterpretations. One of my favourites from this month emerged under these circumstances: I’ve no idea what I had originally thought when I made a note of Counterfeit Dog, but as an illustration, I’m pleased with the end result.

It’s been a surprising month in Rickmansland. After feeling like I had such a powerful month last month, I spent the past four weeks feeling largely uninspired, but in retrospect it’s been a pretty good month too. The cardboard tree was (physically) the biggest thing, while the Pool Clock was the biggest virtually – it developed a life of its own on Tumblr, where it has had hundreds of likes and rebloggings since I posted it. Apparently there’s a big swimming contingent on that platform!

I’m also really pleased with Wasted Udder Juice – a typically cryptic commentary on Margaret Thatcher’s death that also happened to be a neat little illustration. The Post-it Pac-man is definitely worth a mention too – it’s the first animation I made this year, and by some fluke it also happened to turn out pretty much as successfully as I had imagined, which is a welcome rarity in my universe!

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