Something Creative Every May

I feel a lot happier about my SCED project this month. Sure, there have been some less exciting bits over the past four weeks, but there have also been some sturdy ideas, and – shock – even some good executions of ideas too! I think the aforeblogged public greeting (which has so far survived its first 24 hours in the wild!) was a great idea, and if I have to pick favourites, it is probably a toss-up between this post-it dodecatych (did I invent a word there?) or the cryptic police cars.

Greatest Hits

On a mostly-related note, I have started a new SCED set on Flickr, Something Creative Every Day’s Greatest Hits. I realised that well over 500 daily creativities of varying amusement was a bit sprawling, so this set is serving to gather all of my favourite things from the project into one place. Cool!

After the fold are all the old direct links, for posterity’s sake.

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