It’s Snacktime!

Lilly likes to bake, and whenever she makes something, I try to take pictures of it! I’m not much of a food photographer, but over time I have been beginning to build up a nice little collection of reasonable photos I have taken of the sweet things Lilly has made, so much so that I figured they were worth posting here!

Strawberry and Rhubarb Mini-Crumble

If you like pictures of cake, you’ll find more after the fold, so here is more!

This is Lilly’s prized Banana Bread. It has no butter in it!

Rainbow Cookies AKA Tricolore Cookies AKA Venetian Cookies- they are red (well more pink), white(ish) and green like an Italian flag, so I did the same with my flashes!

It’s a Soufflé!

Miniature Meringues

This Chocolate and Cinnamon Cake had sour cream in it- imagine that!

Bakewell Cake – not a tart!

Tall Hummingbird Cake being frosted

Mighty Angel Slices.

Nom nom nom!!