From the desk of Ricky of Trickart

i should make some office stationary with that on the header, 1980s executive style..

anyhoo, been a while since the last update, been a bit busy / preoccupied. the title of this comes because both the things i’m posting here loosely revolve around my desk

firstly, i got a new screen, so i’m running the dualscreen business. done a new background, which i’m illustrating here with this photo as well as showing off my new second screen (i’m having a real hard time keeping attention to what i’m typing here, mind is going a mile a minuite). ah that’s right, gone for a totally different style with teh wallpaper this month, might get bored and do a nice girl tho. we’ll see. you can download it from the page you get from clicking ‘wallpapers’ in the header to my blog here.


next on the desk thing is a mighty drawing i did of my desk, simple vector style, illustrating the mess. this was pre-dualscreen tho. click it for a biiiig version.


i really can’t remember what else i was gonna write about so i may as well finish this here.

A Short and pretty much pointless entry

well i’m really just sticking an entry in to say i updated my portfolio this afternoon, there’s now 13 more things to click on on there. thought while i was at it i may as well stick an entry in here. this page is getting longer, but it will change fairly soon. i’m doing a skills trade with ben-xo, so he’s fixing me up with a proper blog at some point.

to use this entry to my advantage, i may as well spam you about this:


another tshirt that i designed is now for sale, but again it’s not one for the sake of being a trickartt tshirt, it was one of (well, part of) the logo for DOA’s Under Construction Sisterlabel. big up to sacha tho, for taking the initiative to put this on a tshirt! funny how my non-serious design became popular…

anyhoo, i digress. buy it HERE!

oh and i’ve pretty much decided i’m gonna stop the hotdog thing, i sent literally hundreds out, and didn’t even get half a dozen phots back. thansk for putting up your half of the bargain, guys. *grumble*.

lastly, take note of the big link to the grooveboard on the right here… that’s for all you chumps that say you can never find it! 😉

Some Thoughts upon returning from hospitality

mmm a great night. i have some thoughts i want to make note of first tho

  • I need to research Roy Ayers – Chris was playing osmethign exceedingly funky by him, and apparently (i think that’s what fabio said anyway) butterfly by marky and xrs has a sample from him in there.
  • The gents at NHS are top people. nice to meet everyone!
  • I still need earplugs
  • I should solo mission clubs more often – it’s kinda pointless going with people if you can’t hear them talking to you anyway
  • There’s still not much cooler than a club full of people going off to ‘lovesick’ by High Contrast

Edit: I’m now back up again and i feel fantastic! just so you know! the sun’s shining, i feel good, had a wicked night last night! yeah!

Elvis keeps staring at me…


the other day, i had thousads of suns shining through my window, as you do when you have curtains like mine, so i grabbed a couple of close records and propped them up to obscure the sunshine.</p>
<p>then a couple hours later it dawned on me that on the sleeve i had chosen, elvis keeps staring at me. it’s creeping me out a bit. i think it’s some sort fo repercussion from midget elvis.

the other day, i had thousads of suns shining through my window, as you do when you have curtains like mine, so i grabbed a couple of close records and propped them up to obscure the sunshine.

then a couple hours later it dawned on me that on the sleeve i had chosen, elvis keeps staring at me. it’s creeping me out a bit. i think it’s some sort fo repercussion from midget elvis.

i’ve been starting to research into tshirts. the first two that  look like they’re gonna get made are the cheese and the hotdog.


not sure when tho, cos price and cost and ordering and a hell of a lot of other jazz needs to be figured out first.

The Questionably Dull World of the Internet

While getting a bit carried away following my abstract patterns of thought coupled with google image search over my lunch today, i stumbled upon this site, which got me wondering why people do incredibly dull stuff, like collect scale models of the sort of supermarket trucks that spend their time going up and down the motorways… i mean, the gesture’s nice, to sorta commend these people for delivering my giant bags of pasta to sainsbury’s, but i really don’t believe that’s what they’re in it for.

Anyway, i digress. It got me wondering what other incredibly dull / bizarre stuff there is out there on the internet, the sorta stuff that you’re left staring at for the next 10mins just thinking “why?”, cos i do cross this sorta junk in my current life as an interbum a lot these days… but i thought instead of racking my brains for some more examples, i’d just ask the zoo that is dogsonacid for some of their crossings. and damn did they provide the goods.

DJ Grum came up with the whole cult behind eddie stobart lorries, and inparticularly, he found the world’s only Stobart Reliant in the world.

Eschelon asked “how other amish folks can browse the latest trends, fashions etc” on

And lastly, Gormo found this gem; pylon of the month home page.

i want to give DJ Lino a mention too for the comment “god that’s so boring” about a scale model of a halford’s lorry too.

my ‘hospital specialist’ tshirt has been finalised, not sure if i’m allowed to show it to the public yet, so i’ll leave anyone who actually reads this page hanging in anticipation for now. not sure if there’s much else to report on, other than work that i shouldn’t tell you about.

i’ll leave you with the thought that john b actually doesn’t do any work, but spends his time browsing ebay for boobs! i think if this scene doesn’t inflate enough for me to be able to start publishing my dnb trashmag entitled slander, i might have to just start up a second slanderblog. keep it thursday.

Xtra Bass, and other new jazz!

woo it’s finally finished! went live today! my skin of bbc 1xtra’s xtra bass 2005 is online now!


have a nose around here to see it in action and stuff! woo! respect to the other artists too. jon black of magnet has done a superb job of the other spectrum of dnb.

In other recent developments, i submitted some tshirt designs to the magnificent hospital records yesterday at their request, so hopefully i will be able to report news of trickartt hospital tshirts very soon! i’m also trying to make myself a one-off tshirt that reads ‘i am the internet’. and in further tshirt news i did a design for john b which you should hopefully be seeing a lot of in the near future, especially around wmc… tshirt madness in trickartt world!

on a totally off-topic note, condolences to tarzan and congratulations to it’s successor rolldabeats, a new bigger, better and all round more pleasant ultimate drum and bass database.

i’m thinking of overhauling my website in favour of something non-flash based, but i will archive the old site for nostalgic purposes. also my portfolio is kinda disorganised and not entirely how i want it any more, so that’s on my hitlist. in the mean time i might do a real cheesey typical graphic designer’s website with 45° pinstripes and all that sort of jazz (will you play us some yazz flute mister burgundy?) cos for some reason i’m itching for a non-flash based webdesign project. as usual my mind has moved on, but you heard it here first, whatever i was about to type!

oh and if anyone wants to teach me css and / or php, or even better make a php backend for my blog out of the goodness of their heart or for a skills trade, email me at my new address (i only just found out i can have email addresses). i should learn to do things properly.