A Short and pretty much pointless entry

well i’m really just sticking an entry in to say i updated my portfolio this afternoon, there’s now 13 more things to click on on there. thought while i was at it i may as well stick an entry in here. this page is getting longer, but it will change fairly soon. i’m doing a skills trade with ben-xo, so he’s fixing me up with a proper blog at some point.

to use this entry to my advantage, i may as well spam you about this:


another tshirt that i designed is now for sale, but again it’s not one for the sake of being a trickartt tshirt, it was one of (well, part of) the logo for DOA’s Under Construction Sisterlabel. big up to sacha tho, for taking the initiative to put this on a tshirt! funny how my non-serious design became popular…

anyhoo, i digress. buy it HERE!

oh and i’ve pretty much decided i’m gonna stop the hotdog thing, i sent literally hundreds out, and didn’t even get half a dozen phots back. thansk for putting up your half of the bargain, guys. *grumble*.

lastly, take note of the big link to the grooveboard on the right here… that’s for all you chumps that say you can never find it! 😉