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I found myself wondering last night if my social-network-avoiding actually works against me and my work, so I have decided today to dip my toes into the social waters in the form of signing up to Twitter! I’ll spare you the pain of a diatribe as to why I’m not planning on using it for normal tweeting, but rather its function will be to tweet about the posts I make here (like this post, which is doubling up as a test of the new system!).

So, if you like reading about my world, and are cooler than me as you like to use Twitter, you can follow Trickartt, to be tweeted at whenever I write something else stupid here!

Trickartt DJ Bio Generator

Somebody on one of the forums rediscovered this today, which also led me to rediscover it- I had completely forgotten I made it! Apparently it dates back to last June. It’s the Trickartt DJ Bio Generator- a piece of PHP junk designed to generate your very own low-budget self-gratifying D&B DJ biography.

If you’re not familiar with the world of Drum and Bass, or any other DJ-centric music, it might be easy to miss the point. Similarly, it might not be so funny if you had already put the effort into writing yourself one of these manually (I bet you’re kicking yourself now- you could’ve just done it by filling out a few simple boxes!), but here it is anyway.

DJ Bio Generator

Hooray for basic PHP!

Chasing the Capybara

This is pretty much the highlight of my Holiday holiday this year – today Lilly and I got to meet an internet celebrity – Caplin Rous, the giant coconut capybara!

He is pretty much the coolest creature in the world. He is so gentle, so smart, and so charming! He makes the coolest little noise too, which you should be able to hear in the below video.

He also really likes blueberries! We were feeding him frozen ones. We didn’t get to feed him a popsicle, but it was probably a bit cold out today.

So if you didn’t know what a Capybara was, you do now! They are the world’s biggest rodents – just like giant guinea pigs! I like guinea pigs. Capybaras come from South America natively, but Caplin was born in Texas. Apparently there are a handful of people who keep them as pets, but none as well trained as Caplin – he could stand up, shake hands and twirl around when pried with the right treats. If you want to know more information about Caplin, or capybaras in general, you can find a lot more interesting and fun related stuff on Caplin’s website,

Thanks to Melanie, Caplin’s owner, for being kind enough to let us come to meet him.

Tony Colman Waffle Machine


I had forgotten about this until this morning, when I woke up and found an email from Tony telling me it was alive- the first loosely-Trickartt-related iPhone application!

Hospital have been wanting an iPhone application for a long time- it got to the point where Tony was trying to convince me to make an app myself (I wish I could, but I am still wrestling with PHP as it is). He was trying to tell me to remake the Grooverider Soundboard then cut them in on the profits (I think he’s been reading too many App Store gravy train reports), so I suggested as a joke that we should make a Tony Colman soundboard from his podcast.

(Un?)fortunately, after a day or two, he decided he liked the idea- so that much he enlisted Phil of Code Army to make it happen. Riley went through the archive and got some clips together, then I did some graphics for the interface, which Phil then tied together and (I assume) sent into the black hole of iPhone app submission. And here it is!


It’s pretty simple, and pretty crass, but Phil was kind enough to put my name in the credit on the app store (pictured above) without me even asking, which was nice of him! So there we are. I am now in iPhone Territory!



Wow, two months since I last wrote here. I’ll make an effort to write something proper soon, I’m sure.

anyway, just a quick apology to anyone that tried to get to my site to find a 403 error instead- I was hacked! we had to shut down my site until I repaired the code, which I have done now. Blessing in disguise really- now my URLs are a lot tidier!





Hello again! Just a brief explanation! I have made over my blog too, it seems to mostly function how it should. 🙂 It continues rather nicely on from the new theme set by the rest of my site quite nicely. The main idea is for it to be more about the pictures than my writing here, as they’re often a lot more interesting!

Apologies for not wrtiting an update article in the past few months… Amongst other stuff (mentioned below), it really has taken me this long to finish redesigning this page, and make it work!

Out with the old, in with the new

Avast, Trickartt v3.0! Ahoy v3.1!

New Look Site


Today, I uploaded version 3.1 of the good ship trickartt! The site works in pretty much the same way as it did before, but has had a makeover. To be honest, I was never entirely happy with v3.0 from an aesthetic point of view, as I probably moaned about on here. However, a couple of weeks ago I came up with a new idea for the design while working on something completely unrelated. It all came together relatively easily, but took a lot of work to bring it all together.



As you can tell, the blog section is yet to be updated to match, but it is on the cards. i just need to work out how best to make it work for the more conventional vertically-scrolling format. There’s even an outside chance I’ll take it as an opportunity to upgrade to some proper blogging software, but that all depends on how ambitious i’m feeling when I come to doing it.


As I previously mentioned, I’ve actually put up a page advertising the Prints I made this summer. Foolishly, I put them into storage a few days before I found the motivation to make the page, so some photos of the actual prints will be added to the page at some nearby future point.

If you are interested in buying one, please don’t hesitate to email me and talk turkey! If these sell reasonably, I have told myself to invest some of the profits back into getting some tshirts (and potentially other nice printed things such as postcards and wrapping paper) and start the fabled boutique.


Lastly for the evening, here is something I worked on but doesn’t have a rightful place on my portfolio. I recently helped work on High Contrast’s new album ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’. I didn’t do the artwork, but I did get a rather nice new credit on the sleeve:

Production and Layout! If anyone wonders what that actually means, the simplest explanation is High Contrast said what he wanted, Chris said how to do it, Dave did it and I made it fully functional. haha. It was quite a project!

Well I hope you all like the new look of (the rest of) the site! I feel it’s a lot more me, and rather more unconventional!

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