Something Creative for 28 Sporadic Days Between November 2011 and February 2012

Well here we are, more than a month late, with a roundup of the latest and greatest in daily creativities! To explain the uselessness, I had to take a bit of a pause to finish NHS200 after the last roundup. By the time that was under control, I was jetting across the ocean for my winter break, where I spent three weeks contemplating how easy it is to get comfortable doing absolutely nothing, shamefully managing only four posts the entire break. Damn.

I continued to be useless upon my return, but as of about a week ago, I’m back into it, and have finally chalked up twenty-eight since the last roundup. There’s some good stuff in here too: The Cash Cow from back in November was pretty awesome, and more recently, Pirates of Yesteryear turned out about as well as I had hoped!

I have now also siphoned off my second year of SCED into a set of its own too – you can now find the daily creativities from September 2010 to September 2011 in its new set here, but the very latest will be in the same place you know and love here.

So now we’re well into 2012, lets hope this year brings more creativities I’m proud of! Yeah!

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