Trickartt Shop

Welcome to my humble webshop. I've made the whole thing a lot simpler in hopes that it will be easier for you to buy the odd oddity from my brain!

Tete De La Course Stickers Only £2!

Press here to get some stickers for £2

Would you like some stickers of a cycling cat? Yeah you would! For just two British pounds sterling, including postage, I will send you four top-notch cutout vinyl stickers - two blue bikes and two orange bikes. They are cool stickers!

All you have to do is hit this nice big blue button, which will take you to PayPal. If you're a regular PayPal user the process should be super-slick, but if you're not, PayPal will take all your information securely to allow me to send you some cats!

Linocut and Letterpressed Greetings Cards £7.50 for three

Press here to get some nice cards for £7.50

Here is a collection of three greetings cards I hand-linocut, letterpressed, and made, each with its own unique hand-made and lined envelope. You can read a little more about these cards and watch a video of what went into making them here on Trickartt Notes.

Included in this product is three individual cards, each with a unique envelope, and a nice little band around them. They will be sent out in a larger envelope with a cardboard stiffener to keep them nice. The price includes delivery anywhere, which I might come to regret!