Trickartt Shop

Welcome to the Trickartt gift shop! Here you can buy a handful of printed things I made for my own amusement, and I will send them to you!

'Grow Lamp' Riso-printed storybook Only £15!

The Grow Lamp storybook The artwork from the computer every book is binded by hand by me!
Press here to get a storybook for £15

'Grow Lamp' is an eight-page wordless storybook about a robot who buys a houseplant and learns to care for it. It was riso-printed at Hato Press in London using two inks, and bound by hand by me. It's a super limited edition of ten - it would surprise and delight me if these sell out, and if they do, they will not be reproduced in the same form!

Books are printed using soy-based inks onto heavyweight 120gsm uncoated paper stock. Clicking the buy button will take you to PayPal to send me the money, and I will send you a book. The price includes postage worldwide, so the closer to London you are, the less of a hit I take on the price. It will be sent in a stiffened envelope and should arrive with you looking nice!

'Castle' limited-edition screenprint Only £15!

These prints are on fancy paper! each print is slightly unique! solid oak frame (optional)
Press here to get a screenprint for £15 Press here to get a framed print for £30

Also a super-limited edition of ten is this two-colour screenprint of a nice castle on top of a hill. I printed this by hand recently while teaching myself to screenprint again. You can watch a video of me figuring it out here. This won't be re-printed as I have already dismantled the screens I made. Each print is a little bit unique and weird, which is kind of the joy of printing things by hand - it gives it a bit of personality!

They are printed on 300gsm (super heavyweight!) Somerset art paper, using high-permanence inks. The print is 15x20cm, which is a relatively standard frame size. As an added bonus, I am selling three copies of the print pre-framed in a lovely solid-oak-and-glass frame. These are double the price, to cover both the cost of the frame and help with the shipping, but as with everything else on my gift shop, worldwide postage is included in the price.

Tete De La Course Stickers Only £2!

Press here to get some stickers for £2

Would you like some stickers of a cycling cat? Yeah you would! For just two British pounds sterling, including postage, I will send you four top-notch cutout vinyl stickers - two blue bikes and two orange bikes. They are cool stickers!

All you have to do is hit this nice big blue button, which will take you to PayPal. If you're a regular PayPal user the process should be super-slick, but if you're not, PayPal will take all your information securely to allow me to send you some cats!

Linocut and Letterpressed Greetings Cards £7.50 for three

Press here to get some nice cards for £7.50

Here is a collection of three greetings cards I hand-linocut, letterpressed, and made, each with its own unique hand-made and lined envelope. You can read a little more about these cards and watch a video of what went into making them here on Trickartt Notes.

Included in this product is three individual cards, each with a unique envelope, and a nice little band around them. They will be sent out in a larger envelope with a cardboard stiffener to keep them nice. The price includes delivery anywhere, which I might come to regret!