Shock; wonder: I am now Likeable on Facebook

Facebook and I don’t get along. I’m not a tin-foil-hat, but I consider Facebook to be a privacy catastrophe, so I have so far managed to avoid it at all costs.

Hospital have, on several occasions now, attempted to railroad me into signing up, with varying degrees of failure – one of my least successful attempts involved Facebook deleting my account as they wouldn’t let me use the alias Creamy Horse. What a hate parade.

Despite my concerns, I have since managed to come to a compromise with the platform: I now have a page. This seems like a reasonable compromise to me – it means you (that’s right, you!) can like me now, and I have a presence there instead of an uncomfortable void.

So what do you get for liking me? Well, that’s not something I can answer, being as inexperienced as I am with the day-to-day workings of the platform. I will be posting links to stuff I post here, which might be of interest to you if you don’t want to have to deliberately visit this site to see if anything is new. I may also start linking to daily creativities if I can wire it up too, but I had a spot of bother attempting to do so earlier today. Oh well. One day at a time!

This Central Station lark

Shock Horror, I’ve joined another social network recently! This one is called Central Station– it appears to be a network for creative people. I guess it’s similar to Behance, but I never really understood that, and this appears to be a bit more British (well, Scottish, to be precise) and a bit more personal.

Anyway, I don’t really understand this either, but it’s probably because I’m not very good at being social, and to me a network is something you make with CAT5 cables and Wi-Fi. Regardless, it seems pleasant and I approve of the post-it-note yellow, so I’ve put up a bit of work for other members to look at!

Putting stuff up seemed to be the right thing to do too, as people are looking at it! CenSta first added my Post-it book to their blog of things they like in February, which was very kind of them. It’s nice to be nice to the nice!

Not only that, but they then went on to feature my stopmotion experiment from 2008 ‘Full Mouse’ (embedded above or here on Central Station) in a prominent position on their site, which went on to get more views in the space of a week than it ever did anywhere else on the internet combined. Amazing!

So if you’re creative too, or if you just want to be a member of another social network, you should check Central Station out! It doesn’t matter if you’re not Scottish – I’m pretty sure I’m not a Scot, and they’ve been very welcoming to me, as I think they are trying to grow beyond Scotchland.

Update: They’ve put the video on their front page now too! cool!

Twitter Feed

I found myself wondering last night if my social-network-avoiding actually works against me and my work, so I have decided today to dip my toes into the social waters in the form of signing up to Twitter! I’ll spare you the pain of a diatribe as to why I’m not planning on using it for normal tweeting, but rather its function will be to tweet about the posts I make here (like this post, which is doubling up as a test of the new system!).

So, if you like reading about my world, and are cooler than me as you like to use Twitter, you can follow Trickartt, to be tweeted at whenever I write something else stupid here!

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