Some Thoughts upon returning from hospitality

mmm a great night. i have some thoughts i want to make note of first tho

  • I need to research Roy Ayers – Chris was playing osmethign exceedingly funky by him, and apparently (i think that’s what fabio said anyway) butterfly by marky and xrs has a sample from him in there.
  • The gents at NHS are top people. nice to meet everyone!
  • I still need earplugs
  • I should solo mission clubs more often – it’s kinda pointless going with people if you can’t hear them talking to you anyway
  • There’s still not much cooler than a club full of people going off to ‘lovesick’ by High Contrast

Edit: I’m now back up again and i feel fantastic! just so you know! the sun’s shining, i feel good, had a wicked night last night! yeah!