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Welcome to Ricky Trickartt's Drum & Bass DJ Bio Generator. Fill out this form and you too can have your very own personal DJ Bio! It's perfect for your Facebook profile, or even better, you LinkedIn profile. Ooooh.

The DJ Bio Generator was first conceived back in 2009 (would you believe MySpace was still being used back then?!), but it's back for Winter 2013, with some more current references.


Personal Info

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Your relationship with Drum & Bass

Year you got into D&B:

Pro Tip: You'll sound much cooler if you say you got into Drum & Bass when the genre was in its infancy. Opinions differ on when that was though, and it may be before you were born, in which case, well, you can figure it out.

Formative experience which commenced musical journey:
Discovered reggae record collection
Was given a musical instrument
Stole a Jungle Mania album
Was given a slap
You used to have mixtapes played to you while you were in the womb
Found a copy of Vintage Dread 2000

Facilitator of musical journey:
Jeremy Kyle
Drug dealer

Your Career

Your breakthrough moment
Won a DJ competition on an EDM forum
Collected every release in Ram Records' back catalogue
Lent your 1210s to a local promoter so London Elek could play at your night
Surus realised you were the last person buying 12"s from them
Tripped over the power cord to Netsky's Keytar
Was nominated for 'Best Newcomer DJ' at a drum & bass awards ceremony
I've always been big in the game

Events you have played at: list two

Favourite DJs: Choose two or more
Andy C
Roni Size
Camo & Krooked
Dj Hype
Doc Scott
Danny Dyer
Nick Grimshaw
DJ Marky

Label you have signed to:

Name of your first release:


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