My name is Ricky Wilson-Cloot, but most people know me as Ricky Trickartt.

I am a graphic artist.

I call myself a graphic artist because I do a lot more than graphic design. I try to not let the medium dictate how an idea is most effectively communicated.

I have created hundreds of record covers since my first album-project came out in 2004. I have been commissioned to create artwork by BBC Radio 1 and Red Bull, have art-directed album campaigns for Danny Byrd and Netsky, and seen things I've created written about in The Guardian and Gizmodo.

I am a freelancer looking for opportunities that bring the feeling after the one where I'm panicking for agreeing to do something I've no idea how to do, where I realise it turned out quite well really.

I was born in London and now live and work on the edge of the city.

Making stuff is my idea of fun: I live to create. When I'm not drawing on post-it notes, I love making soft toys, painting, or letterpressing greeting cards.

If I use social network, it's usually under the name 'Trickartt'. My daily post-it notes usually go on all the great networks.

And my email address is

I am seeking work in the publishing and advertising industries.

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